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R/V H U Sverdrup (AGOR 2).

R/V H U Sverdrup (AGOR 2).
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Class: Norwegian H U SVERDRUP (AGOR 2)
Design: Norwegian trawler
Displacement (tons): 400 full
Dimensions (feet): 127.6' oa, 111.5' pp x 24.9' moulded x 10.5'
Armament: none
Accommodations: 2-4 officers, 2-7 enlisted, plus 8-10 scientists (19 bunks)
Speed (kts.): 11.6 (trials, max)
Propulsion (HP): 600
Machinery: Diesel, 1 screw

2H U SVERDRUP22 Apr 1959Ă–rens Mekaniiske Verksted, TrondheimSept 195927 Feb 196015 Jun 1960

AGORNameTUS DecommUS StrikeUS DisposalUS FateMA Sale
2H U SVERDRUP----15 Jun 1960Trf--

Class Notes:

On 15 December 1958 Change 12 to SECNAV Instruction 5030.1A of 27 October 1955 (List of classifictions of naval vessels and service craft) added the category Oceanographic Research Ship (AGOR) to the list of auxiliary vessel types and changed the name and classification of SAN CARLOS (AVP 51, see World War II section) to JOSIAH WILLARD GIBBS (AGOR 1). That action was prompted by an observation that SAN CARLOS was then undergoing conversion to an oceanographic research vessel and that CHAIN (ARS 20) was already serving as one, both under their previous hull types and numbers. CHAIN was to have become AGOR 2 but that action was cancelled and the number was used instead for a vessel built in Norway under the Offshore Procurement Program (OSP). (CHAIN finally became AGOR 17 on 1 Apr 1967.)

The main requirement for an oceanographic research vessel for the Norwegian Defence Research Establishment was seaworthiness in the severe climate of the Norwegian Sea. The vessel also had to be economic in operation, calling for use of a standard design with readily available spare parts. The Norwegian Sea and North Sea Trawler types satisfied both of these requirements reasonably well, and the OSP vessel, named H U SVERDRUP for the oceanographer and meterologist Harald Ulrik Sverdrup, was built in a Norwegian shipyard to such a design. Thirty years later in June 1990 this modest vessel was replaced by the delivery of a new enlarged oceanographic research ship, H U SVERDRUP II.

Ship Notes:
2H U SVERDRUPFY 1959 (MDAP). Given to Norway 1960 under the Mutual Defense Assistance Program (MDAP). Renamed THORSTEINSON in 1988 and SVERDRUPSON (home port Kristiansund, Norway) in July 2009, also known as SVERDRUPSON GUARD when serving as guard vessel. Still active in the North Sea region in 2024.

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