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USNS Bartlett (AGOR 13).
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Design: SCB 185A, later 710.65
Displacement (tons): #,###
Dimensions (feet): ###.#' x ##.#' x ##.#'
Original armament: 4-5"/38
Later armaments: (19xx) 4-20mm
Complement: ###
Speed (kts.): ##.#
Propulsion (HP): #,###
Machinery: turbines, # screw

9THOMAS G. THOMPSON15 Mar 1963Marinette Marine12 Sep 196318 Jul 19644 Sep 1965
10THOMAS WASHINGTON15 Mar 1963Marinette Marine23[12 NVR] Sep 19631 Aug 196417 Sep 1965
12DE STEIGEUR12 Jul 1965NW Marine12 Nov 196521 Mar 196628 Feb 1969
13BARTLETT12 Jul 1965NW Marine18 Nov 196524 May 196615 Apr 1969

AGORNameTOOS/CustStrikeDisposalFateMA Sale
9THOMAS G. THOMPSONTDECOM27 Feb 200414 Nov 2004Target--
10THOMAS WASHINGTONT1 Aug 19921 Aug 199228 Sep 1992Trf--
12DE STEIGEURT2 Nov 19922 Nov 19922 Nov 1992Trf--
13BARTLETTT26 Jul 199330 Aug 199326 Jul 1993Trf--

Class Notes:
AGOR 9-10 incorporated lessons learned from the first ships of the type. On 30 Nov 1962 and 2 Jan 1963 ONR suggested changes to the AGOR 4 design and on 19 Feb 1963 RUSHIPS reviewed its action on the requests, which were incorporated into the design for AGOR 9-10. In turn, on 6 Jan 1964 OPNAV asked for comments on the present AGOR design, and on 13 Apr 1964 BUSHIPS recommended using the AGOR 9-10 design as the basis for these discussions, which presumably resulted in AGOR 12-13. All four ships were essentially repeats of AGOR 6-7 in which the mast was moved aft of the stack. S.P. LEE (AGS 31) was a variant of this class.

Ship Notes:
9THOMAS G. THOMPSONFY 1963. (ex-SILAS BENT 15 Feb 1964 or 12 Mar 1964). Loaned to University of Washington, Seattle, 1966. To IX 517 11 Dec 1989 and named PACIFIC ESCORT. Renamed GOSPORT 7 May 1997.[Strike and fate from Navsource, with pix.] A new THOMAS G. THOMPSON (AGOR 23) was named on 28 Apr 1989.
10THOMAS WASHINGTONFY 1963. Loaned to Scripps Institute 1966. To Chile as VIDAL GORMAZ.
12DE STEIGEURFY 1965. To Tunisia under grant aid as N. O. SALAMMBO.
13BARTLETTFY 1965. [Deliv. 31 Mar 1969, NVR.] To Morocco as ABOU EL BARAKAT AL BARBARI.

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