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USS <I>Graham County</I> (AGP 1176).

USS Graham County (AGP 1176), date unknown.
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Class: GRAHAM COUNTY (AGP 1176, ex LST)
Design: LST 1171
Displacement (tons): 3,560 light, 7,100 full
Dimensions (feet): 445' oa, 426' wl x 62' e/wl x 18'
Armament: 3-3"/50T
Accommodations: 35 officers, 601 enlisted (including PGM crews)
Speed (kts.): 16.5
Propulsion (HP): 13,700
Machinery: Geared diesel, 2 screws

1176GRAHAM COUNTY1 Aug 1972Newport News4 Feb 19579 Sep 1957(1972)

AGPNameTDecommStrikeDisposalFateMA Sale
1176GRAHAM COUNTY1 Mar 19771 Mar 197716 Feb 1978MA/S--

Class Notes:
A postwar LST, GRAHAM COUNTY (LST 1176), was reconfigured in 1972 at NSY Philadelphia as a support ship for patrol combatants of the ASHEVILLE (PG 84) class. On 11 January 1972 effective 1 August 1972 CNO changed the designation of the ship from LST 1176 to AGP 1176. Upon completion of conversion she was deployed to the Mediterranean with her home port at Naples, Italy. Her conversion, which involved no major external changes, provided support facilities for the gunboats including accommodations for 575 men. In October 1976, the requirement for gunboat support having been terminated, she was inspected and found unfit for further service. She was laid up at St. Helens, Norfolk, and referred to MARAD for disposal.

WOOD COUNTY (LST 1178) was slated in the FY 1978 shipbuilding program to be converted into a Patrol Combatant Support Ship (AGHS) to act as a tender for the forward-deployed hydrofoil PHMs, but that conversion was cancelled in 1977.

Ship Notes:
1176GRAHAM COUNTY(ex-LST 1176, comm 17 Apr 1958). To buyer 7 Mar 1978.

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