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USS Garrett County (LST 786, later AGP 786) in June 1968.

USS Garrett County (LST 786, later AGP 786) in June 1968.
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Design: Navy LST 542
Displacement (tons): 4,080 full
Dimensions (feet): 328' oa, 316' wl x 50' e/wl x 12.3'
Armament: (1969) 2-40mmT, 4-40mmS (no singles installed in LST 838)
Accommodations: 9 officers, 109 enlisted
Speed (kts.): 11.6
Propulsion (HP): 1,800
Machinery: Geared diesel, 2 screws

786GARRETT COUNTY25 Sep 1970Dravo, Pittsburgh21 May 194422 Jul 194426 Aug 1966
821HARNETT COUNTY25 Sep 1970Missouri Valley Bridge19 Sep 194427 Oct 194420 Aug 1966
838HUNTERDON COUNTY25 Sep 1970American Bridge20 Sep 19448 Nov 194417 Sep 1966

AGPNameTDecommStrikeDisposalFateMA Sale/Depart
786GARRETT COUNTY197115 Jun 197524 Apr 1971Loan--
821HARNETT COUNTY12 Oct 197015 Jun 197512 Oct 1970Loan--
838HUNTERDON COUNTY30 Jun 19711 Aug 19741 Jul 1971Loan--

Class Notes:
Four World War II LSTs (these three and JENNINGS COUNTY, LST-846) were recommissioned in June-September 1966 to support Operation Game Warden, a brown-water navy effort to keep the rivers of the Mekong Delta free of Viet Cong infiltration. The intent was to keep three ships on station at any one time supporting a River Division of 10 river patrol boats (PBRs), a few UH-1 helicopter gunships, and a SEAL Platoon, with the fourth ship undergoing maintenance in the Western Pacific. JENNINGS COUNTY, the first ship reactivated, suffered an engine room fire and was struck in 1970. HUNTERDON COUNTY entered Cambodia on 12 May 1970 and remained there rearming and refueling Army, Navy, and South Vietnamese helicopters. On 25 September 1970 effective that date CNO changed the designations of the three remaining ships from LST 786, LST 821, and LST 838 to AGP 786, AGP 821, and AGP 838.

Ship Notes:
786GARRETT COUNTY(ex-LST 786) Decomm 9 Jul 1946, recom as base ship 26 Aug 1966. Loan RVN as CAN THO. Escaped to Philippines Apr 1975, loaned 17 Nov 1975, purchased 13 Sep 1977, renamed KALINGA APAYO. BU 2012.
821HARNETT COUNTY(ex-LST 821) Decomm 8 Jul 1946, recom as base ship 20 Aug 1966. Loan RVN as MY THO. Escaped to Philippines 1975, loaned 17 Nov 1975, purchased 13 Sep 1977, renamed DUMAGAT, then in 1989 SIERRA MADRE. Deliberately grounded 1999 at Second Thomas Shoal in the Spratley Islands to affirm Philippine territorial claims against China. Still there 2021 in ruinous condition but manned.
838HUNTERDON COUNTY(ex-LST 838) Decomm 7 Aug 1946, recom 10 Sep 1966 as base ship. Loan Malaysia as SRI LANGKAWI (sale 1 Aug 1974). Deleted early 1980s.

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