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USNS Greenville Victory (T-AK 237) on 5 December 1957 in Kainan Bay, Antarctica.
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Design: MC VC2-S-AP3
Displacement (tons): 4,512 light, 15,200 full (257-260 (USN): 4,660 light, 11,540 full)
Dimensions (feet): 455' oa, 444' wl x 62' e/wl x 29' max nav (257-260: 455' oa x 437' pp x 62' e/wl x 27' max nav)
Armament: (T-AK 237, 240) none; (AK 259-260: 1955) 4-40mmT
Accommodations: 237-240 and 256: 14 officers, 35 unlicensed; 257-260: 9-11 officers, 136-155 enlisted
Speed (kts.): 17
Propulsion (HP): 8,500
Machinery: Geared steam turbines, 2 boilers (465psi/750deg), 1 screw

237GREENVILLE VICTORY1 Mar 1950California SB21 Mar 194424 May 19441 Mar 1950/S
238HAITI VICTORY, see AGM 31 Mar 1950Permanente Metals #224 Apr 194420 Jul 19441 Mar 1950/S
239KINGSPORT VICTORY, see AG 1641 Mar 1950California SB4 Apr 194429 May 19441 Mar 1950/S
240PVT JOHN R TOWLE1 Mar 1950Oregon SB9 Dec 194419 Jan 19451 Mar 1950/S
256DALTON VICTORY, see AGM 531 Jul 1950California SB8 Apr 19446 Jun 19449 Aug 1950/S
257ALTAIR, see AKS 327 Jul 1951Oregon SB20 Apr 194430 May 194431 Jan 1952/C
258ANTARES, see AKS 3323 Jul 1951Oregon SB6 Apr 194419 May 1944--
259ALCOR16 Jul 1951Oregon SB28 Feb 194429 Apr 19441 Mar 1952/C
260BETELGEUSE31 Jul 1951California SB11 Feb 194410 Apr 194415 Apr 1952/C

AKNameTDecom/CustStrikeDisposalFateMA Sale/Depart
237GREENVILLE VICTORYT22 Mar 1976/C16 Jan 198117 Feb 1983MA/S--
240PVT JOHN R TOWLET25 Aug 198031 Jul 198226 May 1982MA/S--
259ALCOR30 Dec 1968/D31 Dec 19687 Jan 1970MA/S--
260BETELGEUSE15 Jan 1971/D1 Feb 19742 Dec 1975MA/S--

Class Notes:
AK 237-240 were among the Army ships operating out of continental US ports that were to be acquired on 1 Mar 1950 for which names, classification, and hull numbers were approved on 21 Feb 1950. AK 256 was among 18 Maritime Admiminstration ships to be transferred to the Navy for which names, classification, and hull numbers were approved on 31 Jul 1950. On 7 February 1951 SECNAV informed the Secretary of Commerce that the Navy had a requirement for six additional AKAs and six additional AKs and asked for the transfer for reactivation of AKA 3, 4, 96, 97, 99, and 103 and the transfer of six VC2-S-AP3 Victory ships, ABERDEEN VICTORY, ELMIRA VICTORY, NAMPA VICTORY, ROCKLAND VICTORY, COLUMBIA VICTORY, and PIERRE VICTORY. The Commerce Department agreed on 14 March 1951 but noted that ELMIRA VICTORY was then under charter. Subsequently the Navy deleted her and PIERRE VICTORY from its request. On 26 July 1951 Navy names and the designation AK 257-260 were approved for four MA cargo ships recently acquired by the Navy. Approved characteristics for MA hulls (VC-S-AP3), AK alterations, SCB Project No. 86, were promulgated on 10 September 1953 with a final change on 25 September 1957. (This project is unidentified.)

AK 259-260 were converted to FBM Cargo Ships (T-AK-FBM), the former in 1960 and the latter soon afterwards, after nearly a decade of service as regular MSTS cargo ships. They became the prototypes for AK 279-282 (q.v.), converted between 1962 and 1970.

The basic Victory ship measured 455.25' overall, 444' at the waterline, and 436.5' between perpendiculars. The length between perpendiculars was sometimes reported as the waterline length, leading to the two figures for waterline length above.

Ship Notes:
237GREENVILLE VICTORY18Completed 8 Jul 1944. To Army 30 Mar 1948. To buyer 26 May 1983.
240PVT JOHN R TOWLE162Ex merc. APPLETON VICTORY, completed 23 Mar 1945. To Army 20 Jun 1946. Hull ice-strengthened and conducted annual Antarctic resupply missions 1956-61 and 1963-70. Still active there in 1980 and also operated off Greenland. To MA custody 25 Aug 1980. To buyer 4 Jun 1982.
259ALCOR101Ex merc. ROCKLAND VICTORY, completed 19 May 1944. To Navy custody 16 Jul 1951. Title to Navy 31 May 1956. Converted to AK-FBM 1960. To buyer 2 Feb 1970.
260BETELGEUSE10Ex merc. COLOMBIA VICTORY, completed 31 May 1944. To USN custody 31 Jul 1951. Title to Navy 31 May 1956. Converted to AK-FBM ca. 1961.

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Sources: NARA: RG19 Item S-13 Entry 1022-R(UD) (AK 260)