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USNS Lt George W G Boyce (T-AK 251) on 24 January 1966.

USNS Lt George W G Boyce (T-AK 251) on 24 January 1966.
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Design: MC VC2-S-AP2
Displacement (tons): 4,442 light, 15,200 full
Dimensions (feet): 455' oa, 444' wl x 62' e/wl x 29' max nav
Armament: none
Accommodations: 14 officers, 35 unlicensed
Speed (kts.): 15
Propulsion (HP): 6,000
Machinery: Geared steam turbines, 2 boilers (465psi/750deg), 1 screw

241PVT FRANCIS X McGRAW1 Mar 1950California SB14 Apr 19459 Jun 19451 Mar 1950
242SGT ANDREW MILLER1 Mar 1950Permanente Metals #222 Feb 19454 Apr 19451 Mar 1950
243SGT ARCHER T GAMMON1 Mar 1950Permanente Metals #213 Dec 194431 Jan 19451 Mar 1950
244SGT MORRIS E CRAIN1 Mar 1950Permanente Metals #214 Feb 194528 Mar 19451 Mar 1950
251LT GEORGE W G BOYCE3 Aug 1950Bethlehem Fairfield13 Jul 194519 Sep 19459 Aug 1950
252LT ROBERT CRAIG2 Aug 1950California SB21 Jun 194528 Aug 19459 Aug 1950
253PVT JOE E MANN7 Aug 1950Permanente Metals #212 Jun 194521 Jul 19459 Aug 1950
254SGT TRUMAN KIMBRO5 Aug 1950Permanente Metals #130 Sep 194430 Nov 19449 Aug 1950

AKNameTInact/CustStrikeDisposalFateMA Sale
241PVT FRANCIS X McGRAWT8 May 1974/C15 May 197421 Aug 1974MA/S--
242SGT ANDREW MILLERT22 Mar 1976/C16 Jan 198121 Nov 1983MA/S--
243SGT ARCHER T GAMMONT19731 May 197319 Nov 1973MA/S--
244SGT MORRIS E CRAINT11 Mar 1975/C1 Apr 197517 Jul 1975MA/S--
251LT GEORGE W G BOYCET14 Aug 1973/C15 Jun 19737 May 1974MA/S--
252LT ROBERT CRAIGT28 Aug 1973/C15 Jun 197326 Mar 1974MA/S--
253PVT JOE E MANNT----26 Mar 1974To AGM 4--
254SGT TRUMAN KIMBROT16 Mar 1976/C16 Jan 198126 May 1982MA/S--

Class Notes:
As of 31 August 1948 the Army had 21 Victory (VC2) cargo ships, including twelve of the VC2-S-AP3 type and nine of the less powerful VC2-S-AP2 type, which was rated at two knots slower than the VC2-S-AP3. By this time the Victory cargo ship had replaced the Liberty ship in the Army fleet except for the large-hatch Z-EC2-S-C5 Liberty type (see the AKV-6 class). The Army laid up one of its nine VC2-S-AP2's, PASS CHRISTIAN VICTORY, in 1948 (she was sold commercial) and laid up four more, the future AK 251-254, in 1949-50. This left four to pass to the Navy from the Army in 1950. These, AK 241-244, were among the Army ships operating out of continental US ports that were to be acquired on 1 Mar 1950 for which names, classification, and hull numbers were approved on 21 Feb 1950. AK 251-254, recalled from layup, were among 18 Maritime Admiminstration ships to be transferred to the Navy for which names, classification, and hull numbers were approved on 31 Jul 1950. Of these eight ships, one became a missile range instrumentation ships in 1958 (see the RICHFIELD (T-AGM 4) class). The booms in PVT FRANCIS X McGRAW were handled by a special Farrell rig which offered fully powered and swinging operation of the booms.

Ship Notes:
241PVT FRANCIS X McGRAW796Ex merc. WABASH VICTORY, completed 6 Jul 1945. To Army 14 Jun 1946. Declared by MSC to be beyond economical repair 5 Apr 1974, to MA custody 8 May 1974. To buyer 15 Feb 1975.
242SGT ANDREW MILLER743Ex merc. RADCLIFFE VICTORY, completed 28 Apr 1945. To Army 26 Jul 1946. To MA custody 22 Mar 1976. Traded out (sold) by MA under Exchange Program 17 Feb 1983, title transferred and ship to buyer 21 Nov 1983.
243SGT ARCHER T GAMMON725Ex merc. YALE VICTORY, completed 24 Feb 1945. To Army 18 Jun 1946. Declared with BONDIA (T-AF 42) by MSC to be in excess of its requirements 21 Mar 1973, in part due to cost of repairs necessary to complete ABS special survey no. 6. Both to Taiwanese buyer 7 Jan 1974.
244SGT MORRIS E CRAIN741Ex merc. MILLS VICTORY, completed 21 Apr 1945. To Army 8 Jun 1946. To MA custody 11 Mar 1975. To buyer 1 Sep 1975.
251LT GEORGE W G BOYCE852Ex merc. WATERVILLE VICTORY, completed 15 Oct 1945. To Army 12 Jul 1946. To Olympia reserve fleet 2 Feb 1950. From Army 31 Jul 1950, custody from MA to MSTS 3 Aug 50. To MA custody 14 Aug 1973. To buyer 17 May 1974. GEORGE shortened to GEO on Navy naming notice but not elsewhere.
252LT ROBERT CRAIG811Ex merc. BOWLING GREEN VICTORY, completed 27 Sep 1945. To Army 5 Jun 1946. To Tomkins Cove reserve fleet 30 Aug 1949, Army retaining title. Declared surplus by Army to MC 8 Dec 1949. From Army 31 Jul 1950, custody from MA to MSTS 2 Aug 1950. To MA custody 28 Aug 1973. Awarded to buyer 26 Dec 1973, title to MA and sale completed 26 Mar 1974, ship physically delivered 23 Aug 1974.
253PVT JOE E MANN719Ex merc. OWENSBORO VICTORY, completed 27 Aug 1945. Chartered to Army 22 Jul 1946 and transferred 30 Aug 1946, title to MC 8 Dec 1949 and laid up 3 Jan 1950. Custody from MA to MSTS 7 Aug 50. On range after AGM conversion circa October 1958, redesignated RICHFIELD (T-AGM 4, q.v.) effective 27 Nov 1960. For her AGM service and disposal see the RICHFIELD (T-AGM 4) class.
254SGT TRUMAN KIMBRO547Ex merc. HASTINGS VICTORY, completed 22 Dec 1944. To Army 18 Jun 1946. To Olympia reserve fleet 19 Jan 1950. From Army 31 Jul 1950, custody from MA to MSTS 5 Aug 50. To MA custody 16 Mar 1976. To buyer 1 Oct 1982.

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