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USNS Victoria (T-AK 281). The vertical SLBM stowage tubes are in the hold just forward of the bridge.
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Class: NORWALK (AK 279, VC2-S-AP3, FBM)
Design: SCB Project Nos. 234, 715.65, and 715.69 (AK 282), FBM conversions of MC VC2-S-AP3
Displacement (tons): 6,700 light, 11,150 full
Dimensions (feet): 455' oa, 437' pp x 62' e/wl x 24'
Armament: none
Accommodations: 66-69 civilian plus Navy security detachment (7 men in AK 282)
Speed (kts.): 16.5
Propulsion (HP): 8,500
Machinery: Geared steam turbines, 2 boilers (465psi/750deg), 1 screw

279NORWALK10 Oct 1962Oregon SB19 May 194510 Jul 194530 Dec 1963
280FURMAN18 Sep 1963Oregon SB23 Jan 19456 Mar 19457[14] Oct 1964
281VICTORIA18[13] Aug 1964Permanente Metals #220 Jan 194420 Apr 194411 Oct 1965
282MARSHFIELD22 Aug 1968Oregon SB1 Apr 194415 May 194428 May 1970

AKNameTInact/CustStrikeDisposalFateMA Sale/Depart
279NORWALKT10 Sep 1979/C1 Aug 197910 Sep 1979MA/T8 Sep 1993
280FURMANT22 Oct 198613 Apr 199222 Jul 1993MA/T30 Oct 2003
281VICTORIAT7 Nov 198331 Mar 198631 Aug 1987MA/S--
282MARSHFIELDT23 Oct 199230 Nov 199218 May 1993MA/T8 Nov 2005/D

Class Notes:
AK 259-260 (see the AK-237 class) were the prototypes for this conversion, the former being converted in 1960 and the latter soon afterwards after over a decade of service as regular MSTS cargo ships. Approved characteristics for a FBM Cargo Ship (T-AK-FBM), SCB Project No. 234, were promulgated on 10 January 1962 and updated as SCB Project No. 715.65 on 7 May 1964. This covered the conversion of AK 279-281. On 24 January 1962 the Navy informed the Commerce Department that it had a requirement for a Victory type vessel for conversion to a fleet ballistic missile resupply ship under the FY 1963 Shipbuilding and Conversion Program and asked for NORWALK VICTORY, adding IRAN VICTORY on 19 May 1962 as an alternate in case the successful bidder was on the West Coast. On 18 September 1963 the name and classification NORWALK VICTORY (MCV 696) were changed to NORWALK (AK 279). On 24 July 1963 the Commerce Department made available MONTANA (MCV 172) on the West Coast for a similar conversion, presumably for FY 1964, although FURMAN VICTORY on the East Coast was selected, being named FURMAN and designated AK 280 on 14 September 1964. On 25 May 1964, with MONTANA still designated on the West Coast, the Navy asked for ETHIOPIA VICTORY as an East Coast alternate, and she was selected. She was designated AK 281 and named VICTORIA on 22 May 1965. Preliminary designs were then drafted for a new construction AK (FBM) on 2 March 1964 and then for one for FY 1967, but the result was another Victory ship conversion, AK 282, which had a more elaborate conversion than did the other three. For her, approved characteristics for a FBM Cargo Ship (T-AK-FBM), SCB Project No. 715.69, were promulgated on 16 Dec 1967 and updated on 14 Nov 1968 with a final change on 6 August 1969. She was renamed MARSHFIELD and designated AK 282 on 19 Aug 1969. All four ships had 16 vertical SLBM storage tubes in three rows in the hold forward of the bridge.

Ship Notes:
279NORWALK696FY 1963. Ex merc. NORWALK VICTORY, completed 7 Aug 1945. FBM conversion SCB 234 by Boland, delivered 22 Nov 1963, accepted 30 Dec 1963. MA exchange sale 8 Sep 1993, departed JRRF 13 Dec 1993 to buyer (Global Marketing Systems, Inc., Cumberland, MD).
280FURMAN174FY 1964. Ex merc. FURMAN VICTORY, completed 19 Apr 1945. FBM conversion SCB 234 by American SB, completed [7] Oct 1964. Photo dated 1 Aug 1981 at Guam calls her a cable transport. Scheduled to strike 30 Sep 1981 but this canc. 8 Sep 1981 and ship trf. to NAVELEX as cable transporter. Converted 1982-83 and laid up. To MA custody 22 Oct 1986. Departed Beaumont reserve fleet 21 Nov 2003, delivered at Brownsville 23 Nov 2003.
281VICTORIA526FY 1965. Ex merc. ETHIOPIA VICTORY, completed 17 Jul 1944. FBM conversion SCB 715.65 by American SB, completed [15] Oct 1965. To MA custody 18 Jan 1984.
282MARSHFIELD106FY 1969. Ex merc. MARSHFIELD VICTORY, completed 7 Jun 1944. FBM conversion by Boland Machine, completed 28 May 1970. To MA custody in JRRF 23 Oct 1992. Departed JRRF for scrapping facility 8 Nov 2005. BU completed 30 Jun 2006 by Bay Bridge Enterprise, Chesapeake, VA.

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