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USNS Point Barrow (T-AKD 1) on date
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Design: SCB, MA S2-ST-23a
Displacement (tons): 6,100 light, 10,615 full
Dimensions (feet): 465' oa, 435' wl x 74' e, 72' wl x 20' ext nav
Original armament: 4-5"/38
Later armaments: (19xx) 4-20mm
Complement: (as AGDS) 116 officers, 100 enlisted
Speed (kts.): ##.#
Propulsion (HP): #,###
Machinery: Turbines, 2 screw

1POINT BARROW5 Aug 1955Maryland SB & DD18 Sep 195625 May 195728 Feb 1958

AKDNameTDecommStrikeDisposalFateMA Sale/Depart
1POINT BARROWT27 Sep 199328 Sep 199318 Dec 1998MA/T15 Dec 2005

Class Notes:
Built to supply Arctic radar installations. Modified 1964-65 to carry Saturn rocket boosters to Cape Kennedy for the Apollo program.
Converted to replace WHITE SANDS (ARD 20) and APACHE (ATF 67) as support ship for the TRIESTE III deep submergence vehicle. WHITE SANDS, now USS vice USNS, was reclassified AGDS 1 (Auxiliary deep submergence support ship, originally vehicle) effective 1 Aug 1973 (promulgated 6 Sep 1973). On 14 Feb 1974 POINT BARROW (AGDS 2) was ordered to be placed "In Commission, Special" on 26 Feb 1974 with instructions to place her in full commission when ready for duty on or about 31 January 1975. On 20 Feb 1974 the ship's new operational commander requested a name change from POINT BARROW to POINT LOMA as the Coast Guard had a POINT BARROW and the new support ship was to be based at Point Loma. The name was changed by message on 23 Feb 1974. On 25 Feb 1974 the prospective commissioning date was slipped two days to 28 Feb 1974 and the change of classification from AKD-1 to AGDS-2, not previously documented, was made effective on that date.
She later supported TRIDENT SLBM test launches as a missile range instrumentation ship.

Ship Notes:
1POINT BARROW43FY 1955. [In service 9 May 1958, PHS.] Decomm. 1 Oct 1986 and to MSC. Inactivated 27 Sep 1993, strike approved 28 Sep 1993. BU contract 29 Sep 1995 and withdrawn 8 Feb 1996 for BU but contract cancelled by Navy, repossessed 30 Jul 1997 and to MA for disposal. To MA custody from Mare Is. 10 Sep 1998. Scrapping completed 27 Oct 2006 by Marine Metal Inc, Brownsville.

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