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The former Army FS 244 (Design 342) as the US Fish and Wildlife Service vessel Dennis Winn, probably between 1948 and 1956. (Navsource)
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Class: AKL 33 (ARMY FS DESIGN 342)
Design: Army Design 342 (148', wood)
Displacement (tons): 715 full load, 585 light
Dimensions (feet): 148' oa, 138'9" x 33'9"' x 17'9"'
Original armament: none
Complement: 46
Speed (kts.): 10
Propulsion (HP): 875 BHP
Machinery: Diesel, # screw

33T-AKL 331 Nov 1950Martinolich Repair Basin, San Francisco8 May 1943ca Mar 19441 Nov 1950

AKLNameTInactStrikeDisposalFateMA Sale/Depart
33T-AKL 33TOct 195226 Apr 195716 Dec 1957Sold--

Class Notes:
Design 342 was a 148' FS type built of fir by three West Coast yards. They were FS 238-252, of which FS 243-252 were originally designated FP instead of FS. The contract with Martinolich Repair for FS 238-242 was dated 8 May 1943, the other two builders received their contracts on 9 March 1943, Northwestern Shipbuilding for FS 243-248 and Pacific Shipbuilding for FS 249-252. In August 1949 the Army operated in Alaska the four vessels that became AKL 33-36 and also a second Design 342 ship, LT. RAYMOND ZUSSMAN (ex FS-246). AKL 33 was among Army vessels and service craft in Alaska that MSTS and the Army's Chief of Transportation mutually agreed would be transferred on 1 Nov 50 for which classification and hull numbers were approved on 31 Oct 1950. On 10 Jul 1952 CNO ordered MSTS to transfer AKL 28 and AKL 33 to PacFlt for duty in ServPac. On 16 Jul 1952 CINCPACFLT proposed she be delivered to NSY Puget Sound for modifications for commissioned service under ComServPac, but on 25 Jul 1952 CNO substituted AKL 25 for AKL 33. AKL 33 was placed in Army custody (reserve) on 31 Oct 1952 at Kennydale at the southern end of Lake Washington. On 11 Jun 1953 Commander MSTS ordered the ship inactivated and transferred to Navy reserve at Bremerton. She was transferred to the Bremerton Group on 15 Oct 1953 and moved to the Columbia Group on 3 Mar 1955.

Ship Notes:
33T-AKL 33(ex-FS-238, CPL. HARRY R. HARR). In USN reserve 1953-57 (Columbia River). On disposal list by Jan 1957. Sold 16 Dec 1957 to O.H. "Doc" Freeman of Seattle for use only. Merc. JAMENE 1959, later REEFER QUEEN and BLUE MERIDIAN.

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