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Electron (AKS 27) Class: Photographs

These photographs were selected to show the original configuration of this class and major subsequent modifications. For more views see the former NHHC (now Hyperwar) Online Library of Selected Images and the NavSource Photo Archive.

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USS LST 1102

The future USS Chimon (AKS 31) at anchor in the Whangpoo (Huangpu) River at Shanghai, China, in 1946 after completing conversion at Pearl Harbor in March 1946 to a mobile spare parts issue ship.

Photo No. None
Source: NavSource, contributed by Paul Webb for his father ENS. Ronald H. Webb, USNR, USS LST 1102

  USS LST 1102 in 1946
USS Proton (AG 147)

Off the San Francisco Naval Shipyard on 7 May 1951 during an inclining experiment after reactivation and not yet displaying her AG hull number. The reactivation included the addition of a deckhouse forward with test fire control radar antennas on top as in the larger Belle Isle (AG 73, later AKS 21) class flanked by two more tubs for single 40mm mounts. She was reclassified AKS 28 on 18 August 1951. The tug in the foreground is YTL 567.

Photo No. BUSHIPS 138579
Source: U.S. National Archives (RG-19-LCM)

  USS Proton (AG 147) on 7 May 1951
USS Proton (AG 147)

Underway after reactivation in early 1951 with a small "147" (her AG number) painted over her LST number (1078).

Photo No. Unknown (US Navy photo)
Source: NavSource, from the collections of the US Naval Memorial

  USS Electron (AKS 27) in 1951
USS Electron (AG 146)

With a large but unshaded AG bow number moored in mid-1951 outboard of a sister with a large shaded AG number. An Iowa class battleship is in the distance beyond her stern.

Photo No. Unknown (US Navy photo)
Source: NavSource, from the collections of the US Naval Memorial

  USS Electron (AG 146) in 1951
USS Proton (AKS 28)

Moored to a buoy at an unidentified location in April 1953. She was then home ported in Mare Island, California.

Photo No. Unknown
Source: Shipscribe

  USS Proton (AKS 28) in April 1953
USS League Island (AKS 30)

A deck scene of the ship with the ship's mobile crane and some deck cargo and shoring timbers loading more than 75,000 line items of ordnance supplies with sister Chimon for service in the Far East. Photographed by the Naval Supply Center at Oakland, Calif., probably in 1954 while preparing for her change of home port to Sasebo, Japan.

Photo No. Unknown
Source: U.S. Naval History and Heritage Command (L-file)

  USS League Island (AKS 30) circa 1954
USS Proton (AKS 28)

Pierside, circa 1955-56. Her home port was shifted to Sasebo, Japan, in 1954.

Photo No. None
Source: NavSource, contributed by Mary A Wells for her father LTJG Edward A. Lyon USS Proton.

  USS Proton (AKS 28) circa 1955-56
USS Proton (AKS 28)

Passing through the San Francisco Golden Gate in December 1957 flying a "Homeward Bound" pennant, having completed her assignment at Sasebo, Japan, and with orders to report for inactivation.

Photo No. NH 94313
Source: U.S. Naval History and Heritage Command

  USS Proton (AKS 28) in December 1957
USS Chimon (AKS 31)

At the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard in January 1958 with Proton (AKS 28) astern and Thor (ARC 4) at the next pier. At around this time Proton and Chimon were stripped of their General Stores Issue facilities for use in the modernization of Pollux (AKS 4) and then sold.

Photo No. Unknown
Source: Courtesy Joe Lewis from NARA San Bruno, Calif.

  USS Chimon (AKS 31) in January 1958
USS Colington (AKS 29)

From the sale brochure dated 21 September 1960 for the ship with Electron (AKS 27) and League Island (AKS 30) in the Columbia River Group of the Pacific Reserve Fleet at Tongue Point, Astoria, Oregon. AKS 29 and AKS 30 were advertised for sale again with the same photos on 8 February 1961. Colington was the only ship in the class not reactivated for the Korean War.

Photo No. None
Source: U.S. Naval History and Heritage Command (Ships Histories)

  USS Colington (AKS 29) circa 1960