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USNS Albert M Boe (T-AKV 6).

USNS Albert M Boe (T-AKV 6).
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Class: ALBERT M BOE (T-AKV 6, Z-EC2-S-C5)
Design: MC Z-EC2-S-C5
Displacement (tons): 5,278 light, 14,245 full
Dimensions (feet): 442' oa, 428' wl x 57' e/wl x 28' max nav
Armament: none
Accommodations: 11 officers, 28 unlicensed
Speed (kts.): 11
Propulsion (HP): 2,500
Machinery: Steam triple expansion reciprocating, 2 boilers (220psi/450deg), 1 screw

6ALBERT M BOE1 Mar 1950New England SB11 Jul 194526 Sep 19451 Mar 1950
7CARDINAL O'CONNELL1 Mar 1950New England SB11 Jun 194531 Aug 19451 Mar 1950

AKVNameTInact/CustStrikeDisposalFateMA Sale/Depart
6ALBERT M BOET1 Dec 195311 Mar 195422 Jan 1954MA/R7 Aug 1964
7CARDINAL O'CONNELLT13 Jan 195411 Mar 195413 Jan 1954MA/R--

Class Notes:
The Z-EC2-S-C5 was a special boxed aircraft transport variant of the standard Liberty with four enlarged holds rather than the standard five and three goal-post type masts and a pair of kingposts on the bridge face instead of the standard three masts. The three larger hatches were each served by two 30-ton and two 15-ton booms while No.4 hatch was served by two 5-ton derricks. Forty vessels of this type were ordered with the first one delivered in January 1945, contracts for four were cancelled after the war leaving 36 completed. ALBERT M BOE was the last Liberty ship to be built. The type was popular with the Navy after the war and 16 were converted to radar pickets (AGR) and three to intelligence collection ships (AGTR). Only one, ORA ELLIS, saw long postwar commercial service. The eight Army tank carriers, type Z-EC2-S-C2 were similar Liberty redesigns; none served postwar.

In August 1948 the Army had eight Z-EC2-S-C5's on its list: BARNEY KIRSCHBAUM, CPL ERIC G GIBSON (ex MARY CULLOM KIMBRO), JOHN L McCARLEY, and ROBERT F BURNS operating from New York and ALBERT M BOE, CARDINAL O'CONNELL, WALTER W SCHWENK, and TOM TREANOR operating from San Francisco. The KIRSCHBAUM, GIBSON, and TREANOR were Army owned while the other five were on bareboat charters from the Maritime Commission. A year later the BURNS was off the Army list and the others were all in reserve except for the BOE and O'CONNELL, still in use as troop support cargo ships in the Far East. Only these two remained on the Army inventory on 28 February 1950.

AKV 6-7, were among the Army ships operating out of continental US ports that were to be acquired on 1 Mar 1950 for which names, classification, and hull numbers were approved on 21 Feb 1950. MSTS returned both ships to MARAD in January 1954.

Ship Notes:
6ALBERT M BOE3132Completed 30 Oct 1945. Chartered by MC to Army 17 Feb 1947. To MA custody 22 Jan 1954. To buyer (Zidell) 19 Aug 1964 for non-transportation use. Brought from Blaine, Washington, to Alaska to serve as an Alaska Packers seafood processing plant after a 1964 tsunami washed out their shore-based plant. Firmly grounded next to the ferry dock in downtown Kodiak, converted, and renamed Feb 1965 as the cannery STAR OF KODIAK. Bought on 19 Jan 1995 by the Tyson Seafood Group from All-Alaskan Seafoods. She is currently (2011) landlocked as the headquarters of Trident Seafoods in Kodiak, Alaska, one of four Liberty ships still in existence. The others are the operational JOHN W BROWN at Baltimore, the operational JEREMIAH O'BRIEN at San Francisco, and the stationary HELLAS LIBERTY (ex ARTHUR M HUDDELL) at Piraeus, Greece (for which see YAG 55).
7CARDINAL O'CONNELL3129Completed 28 Sep 1945. Chartered by MC to Army 15 Feb 1947. To MA custody 13 Jan 1954. Title to Navy 2 Sep 1969 for ammunition disposal by scuttling. Scuttled 1 Oct 1969 off the West Coast by explosive detonations.

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