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Dutch Cerberus (AN 93) on 19 November 1952.

Dutch Cerberus (AN 93) on 19 November 1952.
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Class: Dutch CERBERUS (AN 93)
AN 93: Design: Navy AN 78 modified
Displacement (tons): 660 light, 910 full (AN 78-92 were 620 light, 860 full)
Dimensions (feet): 166' oa, 146' wl x 34' e/wl x 15' max nav.
Armament: 1-3"/50S 4-20mmS
Accommodations: 48
Speed (kts.): 12
Propulsion (HP): 1,500
Machinery: Geared diesel electric, 1 screw

93Dutch CERBERUS1 Mar 1951Bethlehem Staten Is.14 Nov 195121 Apr 195230 Oct 1952

ANNameTUS DecommUS StrikeUS DisposalUS FateMA Sale
93Dutch CERBERUS----10 Nov 1952Trf--

Class Notes:
This ship was designated AN 93 in early January 1951 for construction under the new Mutual Defense Assistance Program (MDAP) and was ordered from Bethlehem Steel on 1 March 1951. Only one ship was ordered although the Navy expected to get money to build more later. The plans of the COHOES (AN 78) class were used with modifications for a change in engines, and the contract for AN 93 did not require preparation of a new set of plans for that ship. It was however decided at the end of March 1951 that the BUSHIPS Design Division would prepare new contract plans and specifications for the follow-on AN 94-99 class incorporating the new engines, refrigerating plant, and other changes. The armament of AN 93 duplicated that of the AN 78 class. AN 93 was to receive the General Motors Electro-Motive Diesel engine Model 12-567B in place of the Alco engine in AN 78 as part of its geared diesel-electric propulsion plant. This engine, although capable of 1,100 BHP at 800 RPM, was down-rated to 900 BHP at 700 RPM to match the capacity of the electrical portion of the plant (generator and motors), which had been designed for the Alco engine which was rated at 714 BHP at 630 RPM.

AN 93 along with AN 94-101 were probably stricken from the U.S. Naval Vessel Register (NVR) when dropped from its main listing during 1959 or 1960 although no formal US strike dates have been found. The Dutch classed her as a Nettenwerkschip. AN 93 was still in service in Turkey in 2020.

Ship Notes:
93Dutch CERBERUSFY 1951. Delivered 30 Oct 1952. Trf to Netherlands and commissioned by them 10 Nov 1952. Refitted for use as diving tender Sep 1960-Sep 1961. Decomm. 3 Nov 1969, returned to US custody 17 Sep 1970 and transferred the same day to Turkey as AG 6. Still in service 2020.

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