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USNS American Explorer (T-AO 165) on date
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Design: MA T5-S-RM-2a
Displacement (tons): 8,402 light, 32,628 full
Dimensions (feet): 615' oa, 600' wl x 80' e/wl x 35' max nav/limit
Original armament: 4-5"/38
Later armaments: (19xx) 4-20mm
Complement: 16 officers and 37 enlisted
Speed (kts.): ##.#
Propulsion (HP): #,###
Machinery: Turbines, 1 screw

165AMERICAN EXPLORER27 Oct 1959Ingalls SB, Pascagoula9 Jul 195711 Apr 195827 Oct 1959

T-AONameTInact/CustStrikeDisposalFateMA Sale/Depart
165AMERICAN EXPLORERT27 Jun 1984/CNone?1 Oct 1994MA/T8 Jul 2008

Class Notes:
Ordered by MA Jul 1956. Delivered to MA 27 Oct 1959 and almost immediately to MSTS. Spent most of her career moving petroleum products along the Atlantic coast, Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico. See PowerShips No. 308 (Winter 2019) pp. 38-41 for her full history.

Ship Notes:
165AMERICAN EXPLORER53FY 1960. To MA custody 27 Jun 1984 (RRF in BRF). Activated 28 Feb 1991 for Desert Storm, back to RRF Mar 1991. From RRF to NDRF (retention) Oct 1994. to non-retention Jan 2004. Departed MA for BU 13 Aug 2008.

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