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USNS Potomac (T-AO 181) on date
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Class: POTOMAC (T-AO 181)
Design: SCB, MC/MA, Navy XX #
Displacement (tons): 34,800 full, 7,761 light
Dimensions (feet): 620 oa, 591.25 pp x 83.5 x 32.0
Original armament: None
Complement: 49
Speed (kts.): 18
Propulsion (SHP): 20,460 max, 18,600 normal
Machinery: Geared turbines, 2 screws

181POTOMAC11 Dec 1964Newport News SB26 May 196423 Oct 196411 Dec 1964

T-AONameTInact/CustStrikeDisposalFateMA Sale/Depart
181POTOMACT5 Mar 1984/CNone?29 Jun 2001MA/T5 Sep 2012/D

Class Notes:
Original POTOMAC (T-AO 150, q.v.) destroyed by fire & explosion at Morehead City, N.C., 26 Sep 1961 and declared CTL effective that date. Stern sold to Keystone Shipping Co by MSTS 10 Jul 1963 by a contract requiring rebuilding and bareboat charter to MSTS. New midbody and bow built by Newport News (dates above) and old stern joined to it, ship renamed SHENANDOAH and chartered from Keystone 11 Dec 1964.

Ship Notes:
181POTOMAC[Completed 14 Dec 1964?] Chartered as SHENANDOAH 1964-1975. Renamed POTOMAC by MSC 14 Jan 1976 effective 12 Jan 1976 and to contract operator. To AOT Sep 1979. Title from Keystone to MA 2 May 1980 under the Trade-In and Build program [and then to MSC?]. To MA custody 5 Mar 1984 from MSC (RRF in JRRF, to BRF Apr 1986). [MA was owner 1.1995.] Deployed with MSC afloat prepositioning force at Diego Garcia Dec 1990 for Operation Desert Shield/Storm. Returned to RRF in BRF Jun 2001. To NDRF retention Jul 2006, non-retention Oct 2007. Withdrawn from NDRF 5 Sep 2012 and departed to breakers under domestic sale.

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