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USNS Shawnee Trail (T-AO 142).

USNS Shawnee Trail (T-AO 142).
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Class: CEDAR CREEK (T-AO 138)
Design: MC T2-SE-A1
Displacement (tons): 5,630 light, 21,880 full
Dimensions (feet): 524' oa, 503' wl x 68' e x 30' max nav
Armament: none
Accommodations: 12-13 officers, 31-35 unlicensed
Speed (kts.): 15
Propulsion (HP): 6,600
Machinery: Turbo-electric, 2 boilers (450psi/730deg), 2 screws

138CEDAR CREEK18 Jul 1948Sun SB & DD20 Nov 194315 Dec 194318 Jul 1948
139MUIR WOODS23 Apr 1948Kaiser, Swan Is., Portland6 Jan 19459 Mar 194523 Apr 1948
140PIONEER VALLEY1 May 1948Kaiser, Swan Is., Portland27 Jul 19446 Sep 19441 May 1948
141SAPPA CREEK4 Apr 1948Alabama DD & SB17 Apr 194315 Sep 19434 Apr 1948
142SHAWNEE TRAIL25 May 1948Kaiser, Swan Is., Portland18 Apr 194431 May 194425 May 1948

T-AONameTInact/CustStrikeDisposalFateMA Sale/Depart
138CEDAR CREEKT195714 Oct 195714 Oct 1957MA2 Sep 1975
139MUIR WOODST195910 Jun 195910 Jun 1959MA2 Dec 1975
140PIONEER VALLEYT13 Sep 1972/C15 Aug 197215 Aug 1972MA9 May 1973
141SAPPA CREEKT7 Dec 19591 Jul 19611 Apr 1961MA/T2 Dec 1975
142SHAWNEE TRAILT24 Feb 1972/C29 Feb 197210 Aug 1973MA/S--

Class Notes:
On 25 Mar 1948 the acting SECNAV informed the Chairman of the MC that the 50 tankers in the process of reactivating or in operation would be inadequate to meet the increased requirements of the armed services and asked for five more T2 tankers, this time of the T2-SE-A1 design, and one T1-M-BT design tanker. (By this time all of the T2-SE-A2s had been assigned.) On 26 March 1948 the MC replied that it would provide the T2's MUIR WOODS, SHAWNEE TRAIL, PIONEER VALLEY, CEDAR CREEK, and SAPPA CREEK, and the T1 VOSHELL (the former Navy PECONIC, AOG 68, q.v.). See the AO 111 class for a full history of the 56 T2 U.S. Naval Tankers (USNT), including 24 former Navy tankers, that were acquired in 1947-48 for the Naval Transportation Service and integrated into the new Military Sea Transportation Service (MSTS) on 1 Oct 1949.

The five additional T2s consisted of four then being returned by the USSR from Lend Lease with SAPPA CREEK replacing a fifth, DONBASS III (ex BEACON ROCK), which broke in half after being wrecked in the Aleutians in 1946 and was not rebuilt. Like AO 111-136 the hull numbers of AO 138-142 were temporarily assigned for BUSHIPS accounting purposes in alphabetical order of their civilian names, which were retained and prefixed by USNT. Conversion work included voyage repairs, tank cleaning to carry clean cargoes, painting, installation of commercial type navigation radar, and crack arrestor seam-strapping. The urgency of placing all these vessels in active operation to carry clean petroleum products was emphasized in the instructions for their acquisition, and all were in Navy hand by late May 1948. All were reassigned from the Naval Transportation Service to MSTS on 22 September 1949 effective 1 October 1949 as "Non-Commissioned Naval Vessels manned by Civilian Personnel" and then redesignated as US Naval Ships (USNS) by ALNAV 96 in October 1949.

On 18 January 1970 the Commander of MSC informed CNO that he had decided to inactivate a portion of the MSC T2 tanker fleet due to operating costs and current MSC tanker requirements. As a result, T-AO 67, 77, and 78 were to be transferred to the permanent custody of MARAD with recommendation for retention in the NDRF for mobilization purposes and T-AO 111, 140, and 142 were to be transferred to the temporary custody of MARAD without recommendation for retention in the NDRF. In addition, T-AO 116, 128, and 138 were to be removed from the NDRF retention list and made available for scrapping.

Ship Notes:
138CEDAR CREEK395Completed 27 Dec 1943 and to USSR 30 Apr 1944 under Lend-lease as TAGANROG. Returned to MC at Yokohama 27 Mar 1948, to Navy 4 Apr 1948 after discharge of commercial cargo at Port Arthur, Texas, then to commercial operator 6 Apr 1948 and proceeded to Norfolk for conversion. In USN reserve 15 Sep 1954 to 1 Nov 1956. Struck again 1 Feb 1972 when removed from the NDRF retention list. To buyer 29 Sep 1975.
139MUIR WOODS2411Completed 22 Mar 1945 and to USSR the same date under Lend-lease as ELBRUS. Returned to MC at Trieste 20 Feb 1948, loaded a cargo of fuel oil in the Persian Gulf on 21 Mar 1948, and as of 9 Apr 1948 was due at New York about 14 Apr 1948. To Navy after discharge of commercial cargo. To buyer 18 Mar 1976.
140PIONEER VALLEY1947Completed 4 Oct 1944 and to USSR the same date under Lend-lease as KRASNAYA ARMIYA. (The midnight transfer was also recorded as 30 Apr 1948.) Returned to MC 20 Feb 1948 at Hong Kong, due in New York with a dirty cargo about 21 Apr 1948. To Navy after discharge of commercial cargo and gas freeing. To MA custody 18 Mar 1960, to MA (permanent) 1 Apr 1961, stk. 1 Jul 1961, from MA 13 Nov 1961, reinst. Nov 1961. Originally scheduled to strike 30 Jun 1972 but as of 28 Feb 1972 was being considered for foreign military sale in June 1972. Declared in excess of future requirements 31 Aug 1972 and to MA custody (temporary) 13 Sep 1972. To buyer 30 May 1973.
141SAPPA CREEK544Completed 29 Oct 1943, in layup in the James River July 1946 to May 1947. Transferred in place of the wrecked Soviet DONBASS III (ex BEACON ROCK). As of 31 March 1948 SAPPA CREEK was operated by Keystone Shipping Co. and was due at Norfolk with a cargo of Navy Special Fuel Oil (NSFO) on 3 Apr 1948. To Navy after discharge of commercial cargo and to Marine Transport Line, Inc. (Matralines) for operation 6 Apr 1948. To MA custody 7 Dec 1959. To buyer 13 Jan 1976.
142SHAWNEE TRAIL1928Completed 28 Jun 1944 and to USSR the same date under Lend-lease as EMBA II. Returned to MC 9 Mar 1948 at Yokohama and due in New York with a dirty cargo about 10 May 1948. To Navy after discharge of commercial cargo and gas freeing. (The midnight transfer to the Navy was also recorded as 24 May 1948.) To MA (permanent) and stk. 1 Nov 1957, from MA 20 Jan 1965 and reinstated 1 Feb 1965 to replace MISSION SAN ANTONIO. To MA custody (temporary) 24 Feb 1972. To buyer 7 Sep 1973.

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