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Illustration for T-AO 166-167 in the Fiscal Year 1966 building program publicity pamphlet.

Illustration for T-AO 166-167 in the Fiscal Year 1966 building program publicity pamphlet.
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Class: T2-JUMBO (T-AO 166)
Design: SCB Project Nos. 713.65, 713.66, and 713.67, conversion of MC T2-SE-A1
Note: These data are for unmodified T-AO 49 class tankers.
Displacement (tons): 5,630 light, 21,880 full
Dimensions (feet): 524' oa, 503' wl x 68' e x 30' max nav
Armament: none
Accommodations: 12 officers, 35 unlicensed
Speed (kts.): 15
Propulsion (HP): 8,250
Machinery: Steam turbo-electric, 2 boilers (450psi/730deg), 1 screw

166Not selected----------
167Not selected----------

T-AONameTDecomm/CustStrikeDisposalFateMA Sale/Depart
166Not selectedT----25 May 1965Canc.--
167Not selectedT----25 May 1965Canc.--

Class Notes:
Approved characteristics for a T-2 Tanker (T-AO) Jumbo, limited conversion, SCB Project No. 713.65, were promulgated on 27 February 1964 and updated as SCB Project No. 713.66 on 3 September 1964. First authorized Sep 1964 under FY 1965, cancelled 25 May 1965. Then requested in FY 1966 (pamphlet dated 15 Jun 1965) and FY 1967 (pamphlet 15 Jun 1966). The FY 1967 pamphlet states that "This limited conversion (Project No. 713.67) is part of the continued modernization of the MSTS nucleus fleet. It consists of modifying an existing T-2 Tanker by fitting in a new mid-ship section ... to increase petroleum cargo capacity by 60,000 barrels to a total of 209,000 barrels. The MSTS tanker is a point-to-point ship engaged in a pipeline type of operation." (The capacity of the T-AO 149 class was 186,500 barrels and that of the later T-AO 168 class was 225,000 barrels.) The MSTS T2s active when the proposal was first made in 1964 were all but one (AO 74) of the T-AO 49 class (Sun Shipbuilding T2-SE-A1) plus six survivors of the T-AO 111 class (Marinship T2-SE-A2). The photo in the pamphlet is of a T-AO 49 class ship.

Ship Notes:
166Ship not selected
167Ship not selected

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