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USNS Marine Phoenix (T-AP 195) ca. 1956.

USNS Marine Phoenix (T-AP 195) ca. 1956.
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Class: MARINE ADDER (T-AP 193, C4-S-A3)
Design: MC C4-S-A3
Displacement (tons): 10,210 light, 16,800 full
Dimensions (feet): 523' oa, 496' wl x 72' e/wl x 26' max nav
Armament: none
Accommodations: 380-406 officers, 3,548-3,621 others including troops (berthing)
Speed (kts.): 17 (18 in 199 and 202)
Propulsion (HP): 9,000
Machinery: Geared steam turbines, 2 boilers (465psi/765deg, 525psi/765deg in 199 and 202), 1 screw

193MARINE ADDER24 Jul 1950Kaiser, Richmond #37 Mar 194516 May 19451 Aug 1950
194MARINE LYNX23 Jul 1950Kaiser, Vancouver9 Dec 194417 Jul 19451 Aug 1950
195MARINE PHOENIX21 Jul 1950Kaiser, Vancouver16 Dec 19449 Aug 1945Aug 1950
199MARINE CARP17 Mar 1952Kaiser, Vancouver6 Dec 19445 Jul 194515 Sep 1952/S
200MARINE JUMPER7 May 1952Kaiser, Vancouver28 Nov 194430 May 1945Canc
201MARINE MARLIN1 May 1952Kaiser, Vancouver13 Dec 194428 Jul 1945Canc
202MARINE SERPENT8 May 1952Kaiser, Vancouver30 Nov 194412 Jun 1945Sep 1952

APNameTInact/CustStrikeDisposalFateMA Sale
193MARINE ADDERT5 Jun 1958/C6 Jun 19585 Jun 1958MA4 Aug 1967
194MARINE LYNXT1 May 1958/C1 May 19581 May 1958MA4 Aug 1967
195MARINE PHOENIXT2 Nov 1958/C3 Nov 19582 Nov 1958MA25 Aug 1967
199MARINE CARPT9 Oct 195711 Sep 195811 Sep 1958MA20 Jul 1967
200MARINE JUMPERT----10 Jun 1952MAApr 1966
201MARINE MARLINT----12 Jun 1952MA8 Jun 1965
202MARINE SERPENTT17 Aug 1955/C17 Aug 195517 Aug 1955MA16 Jul 1968
Fates: MA (Custody to MA, misc. transfers); MA/T (Title to MA, ship sold later)

Class Notes:
The C4-class ships were the largest seagoing cargo ships built by the Maritime Commission during World War II. The design was originally developed for the American-Hawaiian SS Co. in 1941 but was taken over by the Maritime Commission in late 1941. The first C4's ordered were 30 C4-S-A1 Navy troop transports from Kaiser's Richmond No. 3 yard (see the AP 130 class) and 50 C4-S-B1 Army tank carriers from the Sun Shipbuilding and Drydock in Chester, Pa. (see AK 255). However by 1944 the Sun yard was needed to build T2 tankers and the last 30 of its C4's were cancelled and reordered in April and May 1944 from Kaiser's Richmond No. 3 and Vancouver yards. These were built as C4-S-A3 transports and C4-S-A4 cargo ships for operation by the War Shipping Administration.

Three of the later Kaiser ships became AP 193-195, which were among 18 Maritime Admiminstration ships to be transferred to the Navy for which names, classification, and hull numbers were approved on 31 Jul 1950. These three ships were converted in 1952 (May to July for MARINE PHOENIX) at Portland, Ore., to increase their troop capacity and cargo handling capability and add to their safety-at-sea equipment along lines similar to those applied earlier by the Army and MSTS to the AP 130 class transports.

SECNAV on 7 Feb 1951 wrote to the Secretary of Commerce that an urgent requirement had developed to provide additional trooplift for the armed services which could not be met by the transports currently assigned to MSTS. The Navy had determined that the requirement could be satisfied initially by the acquisition of five C4 type transports. SECNAV therefore requested that MA transfer title to and possession of five of these ships to the Navy. On the next day Commander MSTS authorized COMSTSLANT and COMSTSPAC to accept delivery of these ships from MA and to activate them for operation by 1, 5, and 10 April for the three ships on the East Coast (including GEN OMAR BUNDY, AP 152, and MARINE CARP, AP 199) and by 20 and 25 March for the two ships on the West Coast (MARINE SERPENT and MARINE CARDINAL (although if extensive repars were required to the main engines of the latter, GEN O H ERNST, AP 133, was to be substituted). The ships were to be activated to provide maximum troop capacity. On 12 Feb 1951 MSTS headquarters cancelled this directive, promising further instructions later. On 12 February 1951 Commander MSTS recommended retaining the names and assigning the bow numbers AP 199 to MARINE CARDINAL (Pacific), AP 200 to MARINE JUMPER (Atlantic), AP 201 to MARINE MARLIN (Atlantic), and AP 202 to MARINE SERPENT (Pacific). On 23 February 1951 the Navy requested that this acquisition be held in abeyance and instead recommended that some of these ships should be withdrawn from the NDRF and after essential repairs by the MA that they should be maintained in a ready status.

On 30 January 1952 Commander MSTS wrote to MARAD that the Navy's Program Objectives for FY 1953 included a provision for the acquisition of four C4 type transports for assignment to MSTS and conversion to full troop capacity, which included enhancement of their cargo handling capability and safety-at-sea equipment. The Navy asked that MA authorize MSTS personnel to board MARINE CARP, MARINE JUMPER, MARINE MARLIN, and MARINE SERPENT to survey them and prepare specifications for bids for the conversions. On 13 March 1952 SECNAV wrote to MARAD that it had now been determined that four transports of the C4 type (in addition to T-AP 193-195) were needed by the Navy for transfer to MSTS as replacements for the six VC2 (Victory) type transports (T-AP 187-192) then in service. It was planned to return the six VC2 vessels to MA when replacement had been made. The Navy therefore requested transfer of MARINE CARP, MARINE JUMPER, MARINE MARLIN, and MARINE SERPENT (T-AP 199-202). MARAD agreed on 25 March 1952. On 10 June 1952 the Navy returned MARINE JUMPER and MARINE MARLIN to MA as excess to MSTS requirements. As was done with many World War II ships, the Navy operated these ships under custody agreements with MARAD and never held title to them.

Ship Notes:
193MARINE ADDER2383Completed 5 Oct 1945. To SBRF 13 Feb 1948. To MSTS custody under bareboat charter 24 Jul 1950. To MA custody in Astoria reserve fleet 5 Jun 1958 (there 052359Z, trf by MSTS to MA 060054Z, still 5 Jun local). Sold under MA exchange program, to buyer 11 Aug 1967, merc. TRANSCOLORADO Aug 1967. Holed by limpet mine at Danang 1972 but not lost. Sold to BU 25 Jan 1988.
194MARINE LYNX2363Completed 22 Oct 1945. To SBRF 14 Sep 1948. To MSTS custody under bareboat charter 23 Jul 1950. To MA custody in Astoria reserve fleet (permanent transfer) 1 May 1958 (reported 2 May). Sold under MA exchange program, to buyer 8 Aug 1967, merc. TRANSCOLUMBIA Aug 1967. Sold to BU Jun 1988.
195MARINE PHOENIX2365Completed 9 Nov 1945. To SBRF 1 Sep 1948. To MSTS custody under bareboat charter 21 Jul 1950. Returned to MA custody in Astoria reserve fleet 2 Nov 1958. Sold under MA exchange program, to buyer 22 May 1967, merc. MOHAWK 1 Nov 1967. Sold 12 Jul 1979 to BU in Taiwan.
199MARINE CARP2362FY 1952. Completed 11 Oct 1945. To JRRF 23 May 1949, then HRRF. To MSTS custody 17 Mar 1952, placed in service 15 Sep 1952 at Baltimore. Inactivated and placed in the Texas Group of the Navy's reserve fleet at Orange, Tex., for berthing only by MSTS on 9 Oct 1957 and permanently transferred to MA custody in the Beaumont reserve fleet on 11 Sep 1958. Sold under MA exchange program, to buyer 2 Aug 1967, merc. GREEN SPRINGS Sep 1967. Sold 13 Jul 1979 to BU in Taiwan.
200MARINE JUMPER2359FY 1952, canc. Completed 10 Sep 1945. To Army 24 Mar 1949, to JRRF 11 Jan 1950. To Navy (MSTS) custody in JRRF 7 May 1952 but returned to MA 10 Jun 1952 as excess to MSTS requirements. Sold under MA exchange program, to buyer 14 Jul 1965 for conversion to container ship, merc. PANAMA 15 Mar 1966. Resold for operation 31 Oct 1975. Sold to BU May 1988.
201MARINE MARLIN2364FY 1952, canc. Completed 30 Oct 1945. To Army 7 Apr 1949, to JRRF 21 Oct 1949. To Navy (MSTS) custody in JRRF 1 May 1952 but returned to MA 12 Jun 1952 as excess to MSTS requirements. Merc. GREEN BAY 8 Jun 1965. Sunk in port of Qi Nonh, Vietnam, 17 August 1971, by underwater attack of Viet Cong frogmen, refloated but considered not worth repair. Towed to Hong Kong in May 1972, sold 1 July 1972 to BU.
202MARINE SERPENT2360FY 1952. Completed 21 Sep 1945. To SBRF 1 Jul 1947. To MSTS custody 8 May 1952. Placed in service 13 Sep 1952 at San Francisco. Returned to MA custody in the Olympia reserve fleet 17 Aug 1955. Sold 16 Jul 1968 under MA exchange program for conversion to container ship, to buyer 9 Aug 1968, merc. GALVESTON 13 Mar 1969. BU in Taiwan Nov 1987.

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