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USNS Upshur (T-AP 198).
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Class: BARRETT (AP 196, P2-S1-DN3)
Design: MC P2-S1-DN3
Displacement (tons): #,###
Dimensions (feet): ###.#' x ##.#' x ##.#'
Original armament: 4-5"/38
Later armaments: (19xx) 4-20mm
Complement: ###
Speed (kts.): ##.#
Propulsion (HP): #,###
Machinery: turbines, # screw

196BARRETT21 May 1952New York SB1 Jun 194927 Jun 195021 May 1952
197GEIGER13 Sep 1952New York SB1 Aug 19499 Oct 195013 Sep 1952
198UPSHUR20 Dec 1952New York SB30 Sep 19499[19] Jan 195120 Dec 1952

APNameTInactStrikeDisposalFateMA Sale/Depart
196BARRETTT12 Apr 1973/C1 Jul 19731 Aug 1973MA/T15 Jun 2007
197GEIGERT27 Apr 1971/C12 Feb 19801 Jul 1972MA/T15 Sep 1986
198UPSHURT2 Apr 1973/C2 Apr 19732 Apr 1973MA/S--

Class Notes:
These ships were built as MC Design P2-S1-DN1 passenger vessels and converted to P2-S1-DN3 troopships.

Ship Notes:
196BARRETT2914(ex-PRESIDENT JACKSON, completed 21 May 1952). Delivered by builder to MSTS. To MA custody 12 Apr 1973. Loaned by MA to NYS Maritime Academy 5 Sep 1973 as EMPIRE STATE V (replacing EMPIRE STATE IV, ex-HENRY GIBBINS). Replaced 1990 by EMPIRE STATE VI, ex MORMACTIDE (MA hull 95), and to MA reserve fleet 4 Apr 1990 as STATE. Candidate for USCG fire fighting research (see AP 198), then heavy training use while in JRRF, then historic review. Contract Jun 2007 with Bay Bridge Enterprises, Chesapeake, VA; BU completed 8 Aug 2008.
197GEIGER2915(ex-PRESIDENT ADAMS, completed 13 Sep 1952). Renamed 2.1.1951. Delivered by builder to MSTS. To MA custody 27 Apr 1971 and laid up. Loaned 12 Feb 1980 to Mass. Maritime Academy as BAY STATE IV (replacing BAY STATE III, ex EMPIRE STATE IV, ex-HENRY GIBBINS). Severe damage from engine room fire 22 Dec 1981 while moored at the Academy. [Online NVR strike 1 Apr 1983, also PHS] Returned to MA reserve fleet 11 Aug 1983 for repairs. Contract to BU 15 Sep 1986. BU 23 Oct 1986.
198UPSHUR2916(ex-PRESIDENT HAYES, completed 20 Dec 1952). Delivered by builder to MSTS. Transferred by MSTS to MA custody in the port of Boston 2 Apr 1973 and then by MA on indefinite loan to the Maine Maritime Academy as STATE OF MAINE (replaced ANCON). Returned to MA Sep 1995, replaced 1997 by ex-USNS TANNER (T-AGS 40). Transferred late 1995 to the U.S. Coast Guard and relocated to Mobile, AL to be used as a platform for fire-fighting testing. Blown aground 2005 by Hurricane Katrina, further damaged 2008 by Hurricane Ike, not used since 2008 for testing. Wreck withdrawn from the NDRF inventory 23 Nov 2010.

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