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USS Paul Revere (APA 248) on 30 August 1958.
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Class: PAUL REVERE (APA 248)
Design: SCB Project Nos. 78 and 78a and MA C4-S-1d, conversions of MA C4-S-1a
Displacement (tons): 10,737 light, 17,583 load
Dimensions (feet): 563.7' oa, 528' pp x 76' max x 25.5' load
Armament: 4-3"/50T
Accommodations: 641 crew and 1,675 troops
Speed (kts.): 20
Propulsion (HP): 17,500
Machinery: Geared steam turbines, 2 boilers (600psi/875deg), 1 screw

248PAUL REVERE14 Sep 1956New York SB15 May 195211 Apr 19533 Sep 1958
249FRANCIS MARION16 Mar 1959New York SB30 Mar 195312 Feb 19546 Jul 1961

APANameTDecommStrikeDisposalFateMA Sale/Depart
248PAUL REVERE1 Oct 19791 Jan 198017 Jan 1980Trf.--
249FRANCIS MARION14 Sep 19791 Jan 198011 Jul 1980Trf.--

Class Notes:
Approved characteristics for a new APA, SCB Project No. 78, were promulgated on 12 Jul 1951 and updated on 14 January 1955, 21 September 1955, and 2 October 1957 with a final change on 25 April 1958. Approved characteristics for an attack transport (APA), SCB Project No. 78a, were promulgated on 5 July 1957 and updated on 18 June 1958 with a final change on 11 December 1958. The classification of APA 248 and name PAUL REVERE for MA hull 27 were approved effective 4 June 1957. MA hull 29 was previously to have become AG 157, the third Mariner earmarked to support the Jupiter liquid fleet ballistic missile program. She was deleted from that program on 13 Nov 1956, although AG 155 and 156 were converted.
Note: The characteristics above are for the MA design but a note on the MA data sheet states "not conv. as per MA plans." (There is no such note for AKA 112.) The Navy's data sheet for SCB Project No. 78 as of 11 March 1957 has hull characteristics similar to those above, an armament of 6-3"/50T as in AKA 112, and accommodations for 180 officers including 100 troop officers and 2108 enlisted including 1550 troops.

On 9 July 1956 CNO Admiral Arleigh Burke wrote that the Navy would acquire eight additional Mariners (at this time the Navy had AG 153 and AKA 112 and planned to acquire two more as AG 154-155) and requested that modernization of these ships be done as inexpensively as was consistent with having them in good operating condition. Specifically, equipment in them should not be changed simply because it did not meet Navy Department specifications if it was doing the job.

Ship Notes:
248PAUL REVERE27FY 1957. Ex DIAMOND MARINER, completed 22 Dec 1953. Operated commercially from 22 Dec 1953 to 24 Jul 1954. Converted by Todd San Pedro (contract Aug 1956). On 25 September 1968 effective 1 January 1969 PAUL REVERE (APA 248) was reclassified to LPA 248. To Naval Reserve Force 1975. Transferred to Spain as CASTILLA (TA-12, later L-21), stricken 1998.
249FRANCIS MARION29FY 1959. Ex PRAIRIE MARINER, completed 25 May 1954. [Or launched 13 Feb 1954.] Operated commercially from 25 May 1954 to 6 Jan 1955. Converted by Bethlehem Baltimore. On 25 September 1968 effective 1 January 1969 FRANCIS MARION (APA 249) was reclassified to LPA 249. Transferred to Spain as ARAGON (TA-11, later L-22), stricken 2000.

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