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USS DuPage (APB 51) as offered for sale in 1960.

USS DuPage (APB 51) in reserve in Briggs Bay, Yokosuka, as offered for sale in 1960.
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Class: DUPAGE (APB 51, EC2-S-C1)
Design: EC2-S-C1
Displacement (tons): 4,700 light, 7,000 full
Dimensions (feet): 442' oa, 418' pp x 57' e/wl x 28' max lim
Armament: none
Accommodations: unk.
Speed (kts.): 12
Propulsion (HP): 2,500
Machinery: Steam triple expansion reciprocating, 2 boilers (200psi/440deg), 1 screw

51DUPAGE19 Mar 1951Oregon SB9 Dec 19422 Jan 1943Mar 1951

APBNameTInactStrikeDisposalFateMA Sale
51DUPAGEFeb 19551 Jun 1959May 1960Navy sale--

Class Notes:
The Liberty ship JOHN W WEEKS was converted by WSA in November and December 1943 to carry 1,100 troops, initially to reinforce Alaska. After the war she was bareboat chartered by the Maritime Commission (MC) to the Army at Yokohama on 20 May 1946 and made available to the Japanese Government for operation with a Japanese crew under the direction of the Naval Shipping Control Authority, Japanese Merchant Marine (SCAJAP). After repatriating back to Japan SCAJAP crews that had returned their ships to the West Coast between late 1946 and May 1950, she was assigned temporarily as a barracks ship for the Navy at Yokosuka although still under bareboat charter to the Army. Commander MSTS proposed on 27 November 1950 that in view of the planned continued use of the ship that the Navy acquire title to her and that she be placed in "Special Status Out of Service" on loan to the Japanese Government and operated by SCAJAP. Title to the ship was finally transferred from MARAD to the Navy on 19 March 1951 "as is-where is" simultaneously with her redelivery to MARAD by the Army, and she continued to be Japanese-manned under SCAJAP (SCAJAP number VH 007) and temporarily employed as a Navy barracks vessel. On 26 April 1951 she was assigned the name DUPAGE and designated APB 51 effective 1 July 1951. She arrived in Sasebo on 16 October 1951 for service there as a barracks ship, still with a SCAJAP crew, and was placed in service at Sasebo on 15 January 1952. She was towed from Sasebo to Yokosuka by COCOPA (ATF 101) on 21-23 February 1955, then inactivated and on 30 June 1955 placed out of service in reserve at Yokosuka. Her crew of about 40 men performed much of the inactivation work.

Ship Notes:
51DUPAGE617Ex Liberty ship JOHN W WEEKS, completed 9 Jan 1943. FY 1951. CNO approved disposal 18 May 1959. Offered by the Navy at Yokosuka for sale for scrapping 29 Mar 1960.

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