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USS Simon Lake (AS 33).
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Class: SIMON LAKE (AS 33)
Design: SCB Project Nos. 238 and 714.65
Displacement (tons): 13,797 light, 20,088 full
Dimensions (feet): 644' oa, 620' wl x 85' e/wl x 27' max nav
Armament: 2-3"/50T; (1983) 4-40mmS
Accommodations: 64 officers, 1133 enlisted
Speed (kts.): 18
Propulsion (HP): 20,000
Machinery: Steam turbines, 2 boilers (650psi), 1 screw

33SIMON LAKE8 Aug 1962NSY Puget Sound7 Jan 19638 Feb 19647 Nov 1964
34CANOPUS19 Sep 1963Ingalls SB2 Mar 196412 Feb 19654 Nov 1965
35unnamed--(GD Quincy)------

ASNameTDecommStrikeDisposalFateMA Sale/Depart
33SIMON LAKE31 Jul 199925 Apr 20061 Apr 2016MA/T6 Dec 2018
34CANOPUS30 Nov 19943 May 19951 May 1999MA/T25 Jul 2003
35unnamed----3 Dec 1964Canc--

Class Notes:
Approved characteristics for a new construction Submarine Tender (AS), SCB Project No. 238, were promulgated on 5 January 1962 and updated as SCB Project No. 714.65 (AS-FBM) on 4 May 1964 with a final change to SCB 238 on 13 May 1964. The break in the superstructure amidships housed twenty vertical SLBM storage tubes served by two large cranes. This break was absent in the SSN tenders, which had only a single large crane with a longer reach. Approved characteristics for a POSEIDON conversion for AS 33-34, SCB Project No. 733.68, were promulgated on 12 Feb 1969.

Ship Notes:
33SIMON LAKEFY 1963. Poseidon overhaul, SCB Project 733.69, ord. 1 Jul 1968 [or 31 Oct 1968] at NSY Puget Sound, begun 7 Jul 1970, completed 9 Mar 1971. To MA custody 3 Dec 2015. Departed MA custody 5 Feb 2019 under sales contract with HRP Brownville.
34CANOPUSFY 1964. Poseidon overhaul, SCB Project 733.68, ord. 27 Aug 1967 [or 12 Jan 1968] at NSY Puget Sound, begun 3 Jun 1969, completed 3 Feb 1970. To MA custody in JRRF 29 Jan 1997. Towed to Able UK in Hartlepool, Teeside, UK and arrived 27 Nov 2003, but local protests delayed BU of the four Ghost Ships of Hartlepool until Able UK secured waste management licensing in August 2008. (The others were Caloosahatchee, Canisteo, and Compass Island.) Canopus removed from MA inventory 29 Sep 2010 indicating BU complete.
35unnamedFY 1965. Designated SCB Project 714.65 and planned for General Dynamics, Quincy along with AS 36. AS 35 was cancelled when the requirement for a fifth FBM submarine tender was dropped.

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