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USS Dixon (AS 37). The two 5"/38 gun mounts were soon removed.
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Class: L Y SPEAR (AS 36)
Design: SCB Project 702.FY
Displacement (tons): 14,362 light, 23,396 full (AS 36)
Dimensions (feet): 643' oa, 620' wl x 85' e/wl x 29' max nav
Original armament: 2-5"/38
Later armaments:
Complement: 87 officers, 1235 enlisted (AS 36)
Speed (kts.): ##.#
Propulsion (HP): #,###
Machinery: Turbine, 1 screw

36L Y SPEAR12 May 1965General Dynamics, Quincy5 May 19667 Sep 196728 Feb 1970
37DIXON20 Apr 1966General Dynamics, Quincy7 Sep 196720 Jun 19707 Aug 1971

ASNameTDecommStrikeDisposalFateMA Sale/Depart
36L Y SPEAR6 Sep 19963 May 19999 Jul 2010Navy sale--
37DIXON15 Dec 199518 Mar 199621 Jul 2003Target--
38unnamed----27 Mar 1969Canc--

Class Notes:
The official rendering of the name of AS 36, L Y SPEAR, omits the periods after the initials, which stood for Lawrence York.
Three more tenders for SSNs were built during the 1970s. Although basically of the AS 36 type they were fitted to support Los Angeles class submarines and were given different SCB project numbers. The official rendering of the name of AS 41, commemorating Rear Admiral Andrew Irwin McKee, is MCKEE.

Ship Notes:
36L Y SPEARFY 1965. Replaced AS-15. [PHS decomm 30 Sep 1996, stk 31 May 1999] Sold for scrapping 9 July 2010 to ESCO Marine, Brownsville, TX [Navsource]. Disposed of by dismantling 14 Jul 2011 [NVR].
37DIXONFY 1966. Replaced AS-17.
38unnamedFY 1969 (authorized but not built)

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