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US Army tug <I>Sgt Fred N Coleman</I> (LT 156, Design 293).

US Army tug Sgt Fred N Coleman (LT 156, Design 293).
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Class: T-ATA 244 (ARMY LT DESIGN 293)
Design: Army Design 293 (126' wood)
Displacement (tons): 399 light, 526 full
Dimensions (feet): 126.7' oa, 119' wl x 28' e x 13' max nav
Armament: none
Accommodations: 7 officers, 12 unlicensed
Speed (kts.): 9
Propulsion (HP): 1,380
Machinery: Diesel (direct), 2 screws

244ATA 2441 Nov 1950Northwestern SB, So. Bellingham, Wash.11 Sep 1942Sep 1943Jul 1951

ATANameTInactStrikeDisposalFateMA Sale/Depart
244ATA 244T19 Mar 1954/R1 Nov 195915 Nov 1960Navy sale--

Class Notes:
The tug LT 156 (later T-ATA 244) was built to Army Design 293 (tug, ocean going, diesel, wood, 126') under an Army contract for LT 156-160 dated 11 Sep 1942. She was built of fir and had a freeboard of 2.4 feet, twin screws, and two 690hp Fairbanks-Morse diesels. The specifications for Design 293 were dated July 1942 and a total of 25 Design 293 tugs were ordered between July and October 1942 and delivered between August 1943 and April 1944. The design was then revised for a 1,200hp General Motors diesel (Enterprise or Superior) with a single screw as in the steel-hulled Design 228 (see ATA 241-243), becoming Design 293-A. The specifications for Design 293-A were dated 1 April 1943 and a total of 38 Design 293-A tugs were ordered between January and April 1943 and delivered between January 1944 and March 1945. LT 156 was among Army vessels and service craft in Alaska that MSTS and the Army's Chief of Transportation mutually agreed would be transferred on 1 November 1950 and for which classification and hull numbers were approved on 31 October 1950.

This wooden-hulled tug was transferred to MSTS on 5 Jun 1951, to MSTS Pacific on 20 Jun 1951, and to MSTS Mid Pacific Area for operations on 19 Jul 1951. Evidently found unsuitable for the planned operations she was reassigned pending disposition on 20 Jun 1952 to MSTS Northern Pacific Sub-area (which included Alaska). She was finally transferred to the USN reserve fleet (Columbia Group) on 19 Mar 1954.

Ship Notes:
244ATA 244(ex-SGT FRED N COLEMAN, LT 156, completed Sep 1943). Sold to Pacific Towboat and Salvage Co. as E A JUDD, later merc. TYONEK.

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