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USNS ATA 244 as offered for sale
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Class: ATA 244 (ARMY LT DESIGN 293)
Design: Army Design 293 (126' wood)
Displacement (tons): 526 (480 light)
Dimensions (feet): 126'8" x 28' x 16' (moulded)
Original armament: none
Complement: 19
Speed (kts.): 11.5 (9.0)
Propulsion (HP): 1,380
Machinery: Diesel (Fairbanks Morse), 2 screws

244ATA-2441 Nov 1950Northwestern SB, So. Bellingham, Wash.11 Sep 1942Sep 1943Jul 1951

ATANameTInactStrikeDisposalFateMA Sale/Depart
244ATA-244T19 Mar 1954/C1 Nov 195915 Nov 1960Navy sale--

Class Notes:
Built of fir, freeboard 2'5". Built to Army design 293 under an Army contract for LT 156-160 dated 11 Sep 1942. A later (1943) Design 293-A had one screw instead of two and one 1,200hp Enterprise or Superior diesel instead of two 690hp Fairbanks-Morse diesels. LT 156 (ATA 244) was among Army vessels and service craft in Alaska that MSTS and the Army's Chief of Transportation mutually agreed would be transferred on 1 Nov 50 for which classification and hull numbers were approved on 31 Oct 1950.

Ship Notes:
244ATA-244(ex-SGT. FRED N. COLEMAN, LT 156, completed Sep 1943). Passed to MSTS 5 Jun 1951. To MSTS Pacific 20[29] Jun 1951 and to MSTS Mid Pacific Area for operations 19 Jul 1951. Reassigned pending disposition 20 Jun 1952 to MSTS Northern Pacific Sub-area (including Alaska). To USN reserve fleet (Columbia Group) 19 Mar 1954. Sold to Pacific Towboat and Salvage Co. as E. A. JUDD, later merc. TYONEK.

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