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USS Alameda County (AVB 1) at Malta during the 1950s converted but still wearing her LST number.

USS Alameda County (LST 32) at Malta during the 1950s converted to an AVB but not yet reclassified AVB 1.
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Design: Navy LST 1
Displacement (tons): 3,698 full
Dimensions (feet): 328' oa, 316' wl x 50' e/wl x 14' max nav
Armament: (1957) 7-40mmS, 6-20mmT; (1961) 7-40mmS
Accommodations: 200
Speed (kts.): 12
Propulsion (HP): 1,800
Machinery: Geared diesel, 2 screws

1ALAMEDA COUNTY28 Sep 1957Dravo, Pittsburgh17 Feb 194322 May 1943(1953)

AVBNameTDecommStrikeDisposalFateMA Sale
1ALAMEDA COUNTY25 Jun 196230 Jun 196220 Nov 1962Trf--

Class Notes:
LST 32 (commissioned on 12 July 1943 and recommissioned on 7 March 1951) served as an LST until reassigned to the Atlantic Fleet Naval Air Force in April of 1953. By September she was operating out of Naples, Italy, serving as an advanced base support ship with Air Logistics Support Division 2. She received her LST name on 1 July 1955. The classification AVB 1 was belatedly assigned to ALAMEDA COUNTY (LST 32) effective 28 September 1957. She was then described as designed to provide fuel, spare parts, technicians, and facilities necessary to establish and operate an airstrip for patrol and carrier aircraft in locations where there were no base facilities.

Ship Notes:
1ALAMEDA COUNTY(ex-LST 32, comm 12 Jul 1943, recomm 7 Mar 1951). After the commissioning of AVB 2, ALAMEDA COUNTY was loaned on 21 Nov 1962 to Italy as ANTEO and was stricken by the Italians on 1 August 1973.

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