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USS Tallahatchee County (AVB 2) on 11 May 1962.

USS Tallahatchee County (AVB 2) on 11 May 1962.
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Design: SCB Project No. 177, conversion of Navy LST 1153 class
Displacement (tons): (est.) 2,250 light, 6,000 full
Dimensions (feet): 382' oa, 368' wl x 54' e/wl x 17' max nav
Armament: (1963) 1-5"/38, 2-40mmT; (1967) 2-40mmT; (1969) none
Accommodations: 15 officers, 200 enlisted, and a 270-man aviation squadron
Speed (kts.): 14
Propulsion (HP): 6,000
Machinery: Geared steam turbines, 2 boilers (465psi/750deg), 2 screws

2TALLAHATCHIE COUNTY15 Sep 1961NSY Boston4 Aug 194519 Jul 19463 Feb 1962

AVBNameTDecommStrikeDisposalFateMA Sale/Depart
2TALLAHATCHIE COUNTY15 Jan 197015 Jan 19701 Jul 1970Navy sale--

Class Notes:
On 20 August 1956 CNO, noting that the Fiscal Year 1958 Shipbuilding and Conversion Program as approved by himself on 3 July 1956 provided for the conversion of a World War II LST to an Advanced Aviation Base Ship, approved the Missions and Tasks for that type of ship. The mission was to provide mobile base facilities and logistic support for advanced base aircraft operations and the tasks included providing local control and support necessary to operate aircraft from an advanced base, to provide limited aircraft repair facilities to supported aircraft, and to provide limited command facilities and accommodations for a Fleet Air Wing Staff. Approved characteristics for an Advanced Aviation Base Ship (AVB) (LST conversion), SCB Project No. 177, were promulgated on 22 May 1958 and updated on 24 June 1959 and 26 April 1961. The ship selected for conversion was one of two experimental steam-propelled LSTs laid down at the very end of the war. By 1958 the conversion had been slipped to FY 1960 and was intended as a replacement for ALAMEDA COUNTY (AVB 1), which had been found useful by the aviation community.

TALLAHATCHIE COUNTY was converted at NSY Charleston and was out of commission for conversion from 9 Dec 1960 to 3 Feb 1962. Her after superstructure was extended forward, her forecastle was built up, and electronic antennas and a heavy kingpost were added amidships. As an AVB she was designed to provide command and logistic facilities to a squadron of P-2 Neptune anti-submarine patrol planes operating from an improvised land base in Souda Bay, Crete, or elsewhere in the Mediterranean. Squadron equipment was carried in mobile vans, transported in the ship's tank deck, and landed over her bow ramp. The classification of TALLAHATCHIE COUNTY was changed from LST 1154 to AVB 2 on 23 August 1961 effective 15 September 1961.

Ship Notes:
2TALLAHATCHIE COUNTY(ex-LST 1154). Sold for scrapping to Cantieri Navali Santa Maria of Genoa, Italy in July 1970.

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