1 USS Royono (IX 235) Class
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USS Royono (IX 235) in a Bermuda race with yacht Enchanta in the background.

USS Royono (IX 235) in a Bermuda race with yacht Enchanta in the background.
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Class: ROYONO (IX 235)
Design: Racing yawl by John G Alden (his design 623)
Displacement (tons): 39.6
Dimensions (feet): 87' oa, 71.25' on deck, 50.75' wl x 15.7' x 9'
Armament: none
Accommodations: unk.
Speed (kts.): 17 max, 12 cruising (2016)
Propulsion (HP): sail
Machinery: Bermudan yawl rig

235ROYONO29 Dec 1949Herreshoff, Bristol, RI--1936Apr 1950

IXNameTDecommStrikeDisposalFateMA Sale
235ROYONO26 Jun 19671 Jul 196729 May 1968Sold--

Class Notes:
Built as Mandoo II for D. Spencer Berger, she raced actively on the east coast from 1936 to 1939 before being sold to John B Ford and moved to the Great Lakes. She was renamed Royono, which translates to 'happy home on the water' in the local Native American dialect. She raced intensively for a decade on the Great Lakes before being donated to the US Naval Academy in Annapolis in 1950. On 2 Mar 1950 the name ROYONO and designation IX 235 were assigned to the former oil screw yacht ROYONO which had recently been accepted by the US Navy as a gift for the benefit of and use in connection with the US Naval Academy at Annapolis. For the next 17 years, she raced extensively on the Eastern Seaboard. Royono was first to finish and first in Class A in the 1952 Bermuda passage. She had the best time at 97:16:28, 6.5 knots, but the overall winner of the race was Carina, Class C, owner Richard S. Nye. Royono is not shown as placing in later Bermuda races. She was sailed by President John F Kennedy on occasions in the 1960's.

From 1968 through 1973 Royono had several different owners, had a major refit in Maine, and spent time as a charter boat in the Caribbean. In 1975 she was arrested for smuggling marijuana and was brought to Florida by the USCG. In 1976 she was sold at auction to Mike Davis and Geoffrey Gibson, who recognized the boat's vintage and had her restored in Massachusetts. In 1985, she was sold to Philippe Bommer and moved to the Mediterranean where she sailed in many regattas. In 2001-2003 she exchanged owners once again and underwent an intensive rebuild and restoration in La Ciotat including replacing her framework with steel. In 2016 she was acquired by an unnamed San Francisco Bay Area interest.

Ship Notes:
235ROYONOFY 1950. Sold 1968 to Spedcor Electronics, rebuilt in 2003, still exists in pristine condition.

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