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Norwegian Tyr (MMC 2).

Norwegian Tyr (MMC 2).
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Class: Norwegian GOR (MMC 1, ex MSF)
Design: Navy 221' AM converted
Displacement (tons): 1,250
Dimensions (feet): 221.2' oa, 215' wl x 32.2' e/wl x 11' max nav
Armament: 1-3"/50, 2-20mmT, 60-90 mines on 3 rails
Accommodations: 105
Speed (kts.): 16
Propulsion (HP): 2,070 bhp
Machinery: Geared diesel electric, 2 screws

1Norwegian GOR31 Oct 1958Am. SB Cleveland17 Nov 194116 May 194227 Oct 1942
2Norwegian TYR31 Oct 1958Am. SB Cleveland17 Nov 194123 Jun 19429 Nov 1942
3Norwegian BRAGE4 Dec 1959Assoc. SB Hbr Is.27 Oct 194225 Feb 19433 Feb 1944
5Norwegian ULLER1 Oct 1960Am. SB Lorain28 Nov 194123 May 194221 Oct 1942

MMCNameTDecommStrikeDisposalFateMA Sale
1Norwegian GOR8 Jan 19551 Oct 19591 Oct 1959Trf--
2Norwegian TYR9 Oct 19541 Oct 19591 Oct 1959Trf--
3Norwegian BRAGE29 Aug 19551 Mar 196127 Jan 1961Trf--
5Norwegian ULLER11 Mar 19551 Mar 196315 Dec 1962Trf--

Class Notes:
All built as AUK-class minesweepers (AM) and reclassified to MSF with all other AM on 5 Feb 1955. MSF 117 and 119, were redesignated Coastal Minelayers MMC 1-2 effective 30 November 1958 and MSF 323 was redesignated MMC 3 on 4 December 1959. These were converted under the Mutual Defense Assistance Program to coastal minelayers by NSY Charleston. MSF 112 was converted to the same design (which had no U.S. project number) under the offshore procurement program at the main Norwegian navy yard at Horten. The main deck aft of the original forecastle was enclosed and fitted as a mine deck with 60 to 90 mines stowed on and launched from three rails. The ships were also fitted for anti-submarine warfare with sonar, two Hedgehogs, a depth charge rack suspended over the mine rails at the stern, and in ULLER a Terne III ASW system.

Ship Notes:
1Norwegian GORFY. Ex STRIVE (MSF 117). FY 1958. Conversion by NSY Charleston ord 25 Jun 1958 under MDAP, begun 15 Sep 1958, completed 30 Sep 1959. Stricken (Norwegian) Jan 1975, sold Jan 1977 to Brødrene Anda A/S at Stavanger.
2Norwegian TYRFY. Ex SUSTAIN (MSF 119). FY 1958. Conversion by NSY Charleston ord 25 Jun 1958 under MDAP, begun 15 Sep 1958, completed 30 Sep 1959. Sold to Norway 1975. Damaged as target 22 August 1978, run aground, salved and sold to Nøvding Skipsopphugging to BU.
3Norwegian BRAGEFY. Ex TRIUMPH (MSF 323), ex HMS ESPOIR (BAM 23). FY 1959. Begun for the UK under Lend Lease, to USS TRIUMPH 23 Jan 1943. Conversion by NSY Charleston ord 18 Aug 1959 under MDAP, begun 1 Dec 1959, completed 8 Jan 1961. Transferred 1 Feb 1961 in Norwegian source. Sold to Norway 1975. Accommodation ship for naval school Jan 1978, target for Penguin missiles from Jun 1984, the damaged hulk was sunk as a torpedo target for KOBBEN class subs Dec 1991 off Skarberget in the Tysfjord.
5Norwegian ULLERFY. Ex SEER (MSF 112), deliv. 21 Oct 1942. FY 1960. Conversion to Coastal Minelayer begun as OSP by the Norwegian Navy at Horten in September 1960 and completed in September 1962, being transferred on 15 December 1962. Sold to Norway 1975. Stricken 1978, sunk as torpedo target off Kristiansand 13 Sep 1988.

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