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Danish Falster (MMC 4).

Danish Falster (MMC 4).
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Class: Danish FALSTER (MMC 4)
Design: Danish Navy
Displacement (tons): 1,880 full
Dimensions (feet): 252.6' oa, 237.9 pp x 42.0' x 11.2'
Armament: 2-3"/50T, 400 mines
Accommodations: 10 officers, 108 enlisted
Speed (kts.): 16.5
Propulsion (HP): 4,800
Machinery: Diesels, 2 screws

4Danish FALSTER20 May 1960Nakskov7 Apr 196219 Sep 1962Jul 1963
15Danish MØEN8 May 1961Frederikshavn4 Oct 19625 Mar 1963Jan 1964
16Turkish NUSRET23 Jun 1961Frederikshavn19621964Jul 1964

MMCNameTUS DecommUS StrikeUS DisposalUS FateMA Sale
4Danish FALSTER----7 Nov 1963Trf--
15Danish MØEN----29 Apr 1964Trf--
16Turkish NUSRET----16 Sep 1964Trf--

Class Notes:
These ships were built with U.S. funds but to a foreign design under the U.S. Offshore Procurement (OSP) Program. They were designed by the Danish Frederikshavn yard according to a detailed project prepared by the Naval Dockyard at Copenhagen. A second Turkish unit was authorized in FY 1961 and it and MMC 16 were to be built in Turkey, but one was dropped without a MMC number being assigned when the work was shifted to Denmark. Like other OSP ships (see the AN 94 and 105 classes), these were dropped from the main listing in the U.S. Naval Vessel Register (NVR) soon after completion, although no formal USN strike dates have been found. Two more sisters were built for Denmark without US OSP funding, FYEN by Frederikshavn (launched 3 Oct 1962) and SJÆLLAND by Nakskov (14 Jun 1963). For the two OSP Danish ships the transfer date above is also the date of commissioning in the Danish navy. The after twin 3"/50 mount was removed from the Danish ships in 1993-94 as were four 20mm guns that had been added in 1986. MØEN ended her career as a cadet training ship.

Ship Notes:
4Danish FALSTERFY 1960 (MDAP). Crew established 12 Sep 1963, comm. 7 Nov 1963. Decomm. 1 Jan 2000.
15Danish MØENFY 1961 (MDAP). Comm. 29 Apr 1964. Decomm. 22 Oct 2004, BU 2006.
16Turkish NUSRETFY 1961 (MDAP). Stricken 7 February 2001, BU.

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