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USS YAG 36 with YAG 37 and YAG 38 (Navsource)
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Class: YAG 36 (YAG 36) with MSS 1 (MSS 1)
Design: MC EC2-S-C1
Displacement (tons): 3,900 light, 13,710 full
Dimensions (feet): 442' oa, 416' pp x 57' e/wl x 28' max nav
Armament: none
Accommodations: 4 officers, 34 enlisted
Speed (kts.): 11
Propulsion (HP): 2,500
Machinery: Steam triple expansion reciprocating, 2 boilers (220psi/450deg), 1 screw


36YAG 3621 Apr 1952Delta SB17 May 19441 Jul 1944COM/SRV
37YAG 3712 May 1952Permanente Metals #22 May 194326 May 1943COM/SRV
38YAG 383 May 1952New England SB14 Nov 194324 Dec 1943COM/SRV
45YAG 45--Alabama DD & SB18 Aug 194121 Feb 1942--
46YAG 46--Permanente Metals #210 Jul 194226 Aug 1942--
47YAG 47--Oregon SB7 Jul 194214 Aug 1942--
48YAG 48--California SB18 Oct 194218 Nov 1942--
49YAG 49--Bethlehem-Fairfield SYs30 Jan 194311 Mar 1943--
50YAG 50--Bethlehem-Fairfield SYs1 Jun 194330 Jun 1943--
51YAG 51--J A Jones, Brunswick9 Dec 194329 Jan 1944--
52YAG 52--North Carolina SB5 Nov 19434 Jun 1943--
53YAG 53--Oregon SB20 Sep 19436 Oct 1943--
54YAG 54--New England SB22 May 194412 Jul 1944--
1MSS 123 Aug 1966Southeastern SB18 Mar 194429 Apr 1944May 1969


YAGNameTDecomm/CustStrikeDisposalFateMA Sale/Depart
36YAG 36DECOM1 Jun 1960DISPNavy sale?--
37YAG 37DECOM5 Mar 195627 Feb 1958MA/S--
38YAG 38DECOM1 Jun 1960DISPNavy sale?--
45YAG 45------Canc26 Oct 1970
46YAG 46------Canc13 Jun 1974
47YAG 47------Canc23 Dec 1970
48YAG 48------Canc28 Oct 1971
49YAG 49------Canc28 Oct 1971
50YAG 50------Canc23 Dec 1970
51YAG 51------Canc9 Jun 1972
52YAG 52------Canc9 Jun 1972
53YAG 53------Canc10 Jul 1972
54YAG 54------Canc28 Oct 1971
1MSS 1DECOMSTK2 Sep 1975MA/S--

Class Notes:
On 26 Mar 1952 the Navy informed the Commerce Department that it had an urgent requirement for three Liberty ships for highly classified operations. These operations were probably those for which according to the Deseret News of Salt Lake City YAG 39-40 were acquired a year later. Those two ships were rigged so they could be steered by remote control and "driven through downwind radiation clouds resulting from atmospheric detonations of nuclear devices" near Eniwetok and Bikini atolls. The Navy requested the transfer at Yokosuka in March and April 1952 of Park Benjamin, Floyd W Spencer, and Edward Cavanaugh. The Commerce Department approved the transfer on 11 Apr 1952, but on 18 April Park Benjamin was reported to be aground and the navy asked for the substition of John L Sullivan. The three requested ships were then all in commercial operation in the Far East under MSTS control and had to be redelivered by their operators to MARAD before transfer to the Navy. COMNAVFE accepted custody from MARAD and placed in caretaker status Floyd W Spencer on 21 April, Edward Cavanaugh) on 3 May, and John L Sullivan) on 12 May 1952. On 3 June 1952 the three ships received the Navy classifications of YAG 36 (Floyd W Spencer), YAG 37 (John L Sullivan), and YAG 38 (Edward Cavanaugh).

Normally vessels whose classification began with the letter "Y" were service (formerly yard) craft that were not placed in commission but were commanded by non-commissioned personnel and assigned an In-Service status under the Commandant of a Naval District. Therefore their operation was not charged to personnel ceilings as established for Fleet Operations. YAG's were only in commission as miscellaneous auxiliaries for experimental purposes. YAGR's were so designated so that their personnel were not part of a fleet ceiling.

The Naval Vessel Register shows YAG 36 going into reserve/in service status [later RESP] in April 1952 upon acquisition and the other two in May 1952. According to the NVR YAG 36 and 38 were never activated before disposal in 1958, while YAG 37 moved to active status in June 1954, probably for the propulsion trials described below. Her status was changed to RES/MA at BT [Beaumont] in December 1955, she returned to "active in special service" status in June 1957, and was "transferred to another agency" in March 1958.

[++Continue with the aircraft engines in YAG 37.++]

By 1955 the Navy had a program for introducing minesweeping YAGs into the force. Correspondence between BUSHIPS and MARAD indicated that there were to be 14 Liberty ship conversions, 4 acquired and converted by the Navy (possibly YAG 36 and 38-40) and ten converted by MARAD with its own funds. The ships were to have automatic control from the main deck, requiring a crew of ten men operating above the main deck and no personnel below decks. For flotation the Navy conversions would use empty drums and the MARAD conversions would use Sterofoam (log shapes). These ships would precede units of the Fleet entering a harborand would set off mines encountered. The approximate cost of the MARAD conversions would be $294,000 per ship. The results of the YAG 37 trials indicated that these would have outboard diesels instead of aircraft engines.

The ten sweepers to be provided by MARAD were shown in Navy records as YAG 45-54. They were called by the Navy SCB 22A conversions and were shown in MA sources as EC2-S-22a. They were converted by MA as part of its Emergency Ship Repair Program. This program was intended primarily to prolong the service lives of Victory ships and S4 (AKA and APA) types, but the 205 ships selected by the MARAD-NAVY Planning group included 13 Liberties which were to be converted to Naval Auxiliaries type YAG. Ten of these conversions, known as MA Design EC2-S-22a, were accomplished and the ships were sufficiently reactivated to perform dock trials. In addition, at the request of the Navy, one operating YAG [YAG 37] was modernized along the lines of the other conversions and then placed in lay-up. No other Liberties were included in the program except for four wartime net cargo ship (AKN) conversions (J FRED ESSARY, MATTHEW LYON, THEODORE ROOSEVELT, and WILLIAM R COX) and three special ships, THOMAS NELSON (EC2-S-8b), JOHN SERGEANT (EC2-G-8f), and WILLIAM PATTERSON (EC2-G-8g). YAG 45-54 were never added to the Naval Vessel Register as naval ships but were converted and ready in MARAD reserve fleets if needed.

Ten years later the Navy converted one Liberty ship along lines somewhat similar to those discussed in the mid 1950s. Approved characteristics for a Minesweeper, Special (MSS), SCB Project No. 195, were promulgated on 6 May 1958 and updated as SCB 195 on 5 June 1959 with a final change on 15 March 1960 and then as SCB Project No. 500.66 on 25 August 1964. Conversion by American SB Co., Lorain (Ohio), started 30 Aug 1966 and completed 29 Aug 1969 (or completed 16 Jun 1969 and in service 29 Aug 1969).

Ship Notes:

36YAG 362802(ex FLOYD W SPENCER, compl. 22 Aug 1944). FY 1953. To USN custody 21 Apr 1952 in Japan. In USN reserve 1952-60. Title to Navy 31 May 1956. [Back of VSC missing if existed]
37YAG 371121(ex-JOHN L SULLIVAN, compl. 7 Jun 1943). FY 1953. To USN custody 12 May 1952 in Japan. In USN reserve 1952-54. MA repair program 8 Dec 1955 to 23 Mar 1956 (Mobile). To Navy custody at Mobile 24 Apr 1957. Sold by MA 19 Mar 1958 at Newport News to BU.
38YAG 382207(ex EDWARD KAVANAGH, compl. 5 Jan 1944). FY 1953. To USN custody 3 May 1952 at Yokosuka. In USN reserve 1952-60. Title to Navy 31 May 1956. [Back of VSC missing if existed]
45YAG 452(ex-JOHN MARSHALL, compl. 31 May 1942) MA repair program 20 May 1955 to 1 Dec 1955 (Hudson). To buyer 29 Nov 1970.
46YAG 46264(ex-ELI WHITNEY, compl. 12 Sep 1942) MA repair program 9 Jun 1955 to 7 Feb 1956 (Beaumont). To buyer 13 Aug 1974.
47YAG 47560(ex-GEORGE CHAMBERLAIN, compl. 26 Aug 1942) MA repair program 6 Jul 1955 to 16 Dec 1955 (Hudson). To buyer 5 May 1971 after resale.
48YAG 48671(ex-GEORGE CHAFFEY, compl. 8 Dec 1942) MA repair program 7 Jun 1955 to 1 Dec 1955 (Mobile). To buyer 26 Jan 1972.
49YAG 49952(ex-CLIFFORD D MALLORY, compl. 26 Mar 1943) MA repair program 1 Jun 1955 to 17 Jan 1956 (Mobile). To buyer 16 Dec 1971.
50YAG 501011(ex-JOHN STEVENSON, compl. 12 Jul 1943) MA repair program 17 Mar 1955 to 24 Sep 1955 (Hudson). To buyer 5 May 1971.
51YAG 511513(ex-R NEY MCNEELY, compl. 10 Feb 1944) MA repair program 28 Feb 1955 to 16 Sep 1955 (Wilmington). To buyer 14 Aug 1972.
52YAG 521979(ex-EDWARD RICHARDSON, compl. 10 Jun 1943) MA repair program 5 Jul 1955 to 8 Feb 1956 (Wilmington). To buyer 10 Aug 1972.
53YAG 532246(ex-WILLIAM H ASHLEY, compl. 14 Oct 1943) MA repair program 26 May 1955 to 3 Jan 1956 (James). To buyer 16 Aug 1972.
54YAG 543038(ex-ANDREW J NEWBURY, compl. 26 Jul 1944) MA repair program 6 May 1955 to 16 Dec 1955 (Mobile). To buyer 4 Apr 1972.
1MSS 12445(ex-HARRY L GLUCKSMAN, compl. 20 May 1944). Minesweeper, special (device). Re-rated combatant craft or boat [1] Sep 1970 [NVR].

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