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USS MONOB I (YAG 61) early in her career.

USS MONOB I (YAG 61) early in her career.
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Class: MONOB I (YAG 61)
Design: Navy YW 83
Displacement (tons): 1,390 full
Dimensions (feet): 173.8' oa x 33.2' x 15.75'
Armament: none
Accommodations: 20 civilian
Speed (kts.): 11
Propulsion (HP): 850
Machinery: 1 diesel, 1 swiveling propeller

61MONOB I1969Zenith Dredge1 Dec 19423 Apr 1943Jun 1970

YAGNameTInactStrikeDisposalFateMA Sale
61MONOB IDECOM2 Aug 19962 Aug 1996Trf.--

Class Notes:
The former World War II water barge YW 87 was converted by the Norfolk Naval Shipyard between 1 July and 1 October 1960 to a "Mobile Noise Barge" (MONOB) for use in the Navy's ship-silencing program. She was designed to be towed to her operating area by a tug and would then use a 220 horsepower outboard unit to maneuver at about four knots within that area. (She later got a 850 BHP Caterpillar diesel and a swiveling propeller for independent mobility.) She was first used in January 1961 in the acoustic trials of a submarine in the deep (over 400 fathoms) and acoustically quiet waters in the Key West area.

In around 1966 the AUTEC (Atlantic Undersea Test and Evaluation Center) and TOTO (Tongue of the Ocean) acoustic ranges in the Bahamas entered service, and according to her unofficial insignia (see it HERE) MONOB I "sailed the triangle" between Florida, Exuma Sound, and the TOTO range, one of her functions being to tend large buoys. She operated from Port Everglades, Port Canaveral, and the US Naval Mine Defense Laboratory at Panama City, and was under the technical cognizance of the David Taylor Model Basin in Carderock, Md. and its successors. MONOB I was reinstated on the Naval Vessel Register in early 1969 as IX 309, probably at the same time as IX 308, and on 1 July 1970 was redesignated YAG 61. She later served in the Carderock Acoustic Trials Detachment to support the ballistic missile submarine silencing program. DEER ISLAND (YAG 62) was employed from 1982 in similar underwater sound programs. In 1992 MONOB I (YAG 61) was scheduled to be replaced by HAYES (AG 195).

Ship Notes:
61MONOB I(ex-IX 309 1 Jul 1970, ex-YW 87, compl. 17 Oct 1943). Trf. to Mexico as ARM RIO SUCHIATE (BI 05) (ARM = Mexican Navy ship, BI = Buque investigacion, or surveying ship)

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