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Photo #  NH 99329:  Freighter Rijnland in harbor, circa 1918

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S.S. Rijnland (Dutch Freighter, 1900).
Served as USS Rijnland (ID # 2718) in 1918-1919

Rijnland a 5421 gross ton freighter built in 1900 at Port Glasgow, Scotland, was employed commerically under the Dutch flag until March 1918, when she was seized by the United States Government at Newport News, Virginia. Turned over to the Navy, she was placed in commission late in that month as USS Rijnland (ID # 2718). During the rest of 1918 the steamer made three voyages from the U.S. to France. In the first half of 1919 Rijnland traveled south to Argentina, then carried a cargo of coal to St. Nazaire, France. Continuing onward to Amsterdam, she was decommissioned in early August 1919 and returned to her owner. Rijnland's subsequent civilian career lasted until 1933, when she was scrapped in Italy.

This page features all available views of the freighter Rijnland, which served as USS Rijnland (ID # 2718) in 1918-1919.

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Photo #: NH 99329

S.S. Rijnland
(Dutch Freighter, 1900)

In harbor, probably while interned at Newport News, Virginia, circa March 1918.
This ship was commissioned as USS Rijnland (ID # 2718) on 29 March 1918. She was decommissioned and returned to her owner on 6 August 1919.

U.S. Naval Historical Center Photograph.

Online Image: 49KB; 740 x 405 pixels

Photo #: None

S.S. Rijnland
(Dutch Freighter, 1900)

Photographed in Dutch commercial service.

Source: www.wivonet.nl/khlpag25.htm (in 2007)


Note: Photo # NH 329 was long identified as showing USS Rijnland (ID # 2718). However, the ship in that photograph looks nothing like Rijnland, and almost certainly shows the transport Rijndam (ID # 2505).

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